WOC (Wallet On A Chain) - I need help

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  1. Here is my dilemma...
    I am going to get the Jumbo Flap in Beige for sure, very sure next week.
    And reading this thread makes me want the WOC as well. I did have a petite Gucci belt bag that I use when I go running around hand-free, sold it and about to get the bigger one. If I get the WOC, I won't get the Gucci belt bag of course... So, now thinking about the price, does it worth it to use it once/wk? My friend said no... she said the Jumbo Flap worth the money, but not the WOC... What do u think?
    I searched for modeling pix of WOC, but can't find any... the WOC pic itself doesn't help me much. I guess I need someone to tab on my shoulder that it's ok to spend that much money to get such a small item... but of course, i want to spend my money wisely...

    Gucci belt bag $455
    Chanel WOC $1150
  2. I got one recently and probably use it about once a week, too - even though, it is small, because of its usefulness, I think it is worth the money. Think of it as a wallet and a messenger bag and an evening bag! Does that help? :amuse:
  3. ITA with pursemania, well the Jumbo is nice too but are you going to use a jumbo everyday?
  4. I have the belt bag & I wore it a lot when my son still a baby. It's great being hand-free. But, after wearing for about a year or so, the fabric at the corners began to wear & the belt that attach to the bag started to come off. I guess maybe I put too much in the bag. But no, I only put my cell & wallet & a diaper & some wipes.

    I would suggest WOC as they are leather & you will not go wrong with the style. It's classic. BTW, isn't WOC selling at $13xx?
  5. Ceci - i am looking at the Caviar, so it's only $1150, but just saw the metallic navy $1425, and it's very very very nice...
  6. Do you think the chain of the WOC is too long? Or do you think that's the style?
  7. I like the length of it, so you can wear it across your body comfortably, as well as looping it twice and having it be a shoulder bag, or looping it 3 times and having it be a little wristlet!
  8. What does WOC stand for?
  9. Wallet on Chain.

    yes, it's that long so it can easily be worn messenger style or double or even tripled for shorter lengths. That's my favorite thing about it!
  10. I think it's a good length to wear it across the body or use it as a double/triple chain depending on your preferences. It's a cute bag, I want it so badly!
  11. Wallet on a Chain. Its a great investment
  12. Is it me or has the style changed? I always thought the wallet on a chain was like a mini flat reissue which truly was a wallet - not much room.

    This looks a bit puffy with room.
  13. there's several styles:yes:
    here's mine:
    IMG_0331.jpg IMG_0332.jpg IMG_0349.jpg IMG_0372.jpg
  14. It's like a reissue wallet with some width. It can fit my cell phone, lipsticks, powder case, etc. I am surprised how much it could fit.