WOC vs. Miss Dior Pouch Flap Bag

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  1. IMG_1725.JPG.jpeg FullSizeRender.jpg
    Having a hard time choosing between these two purses. I fell in love with the WOC but the only problem is that I already have the YSL WOC and they are similar. I really like the dior bag my only issue with it is that in person it is slightly sparkly and I think that makes it appear less mature. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Definetely Dior but in leather not patent!
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  3. Definetely Dior but in leather not patent!
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  4. I have the Dior pouchette in lambskin. It is also leather lined and yet it is not heavy. It is 2 years old and has held up well. It holds more than a WOC.
  5. Dior but not patent leather
  6. Chanel woc :smile: but honestly if u already have a ysl woc, save up some more and go for a mini. It will change your entire woc game lol
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  7. I love Dior and I guess I'm in minority as I like it in patent leather :smile:
  8. The Dior looks so good and you would be able to put more stuff in it. If you don't like how shiny it is, just don't get it in patent.
  9. +1
  10. Dior but not in patent leather.
  11. I like the Chanel WOC. It's timeless and beautiful
  12. I don't like the new miss Dior promenade pochette
    I prefer the older one
    The newer one has a flimsy bottom, chain is too thick and I don't like the center leather strap on the chain. and it's too tall
    The older prom pochette seems much better quality, thick quilted paneled bottom and sides and a thinner chain without leather that can actually be tucked inside without a problem, discreetly, like a true WOC is meant to be
    I've done some comparison shots in the Dior forum I think

    In summary I think the WOC and the Dior Prom Pochette is a toss up but only if it's the old Prom pochette not the new.
  13. Hate to be repetitive. But I vote Dior but not in patent.
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