WOC vs Mini Flap vs East/West?

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  1. Does anyone have comparison pics of all three? Can a phone and a coin purse fit in all three?
  2. I dont' have a picture of all 3 but can give you some input if you like, I have the WOC and the E/W, the E/W fits a good amount of things, I get get in my wallet, camera, phone and some makeup in there no problem, the WOC I have is the timeless envelope WOC, obviously you don't need a wallet because u already have the card slots in there, so a phone can fit in it, car keys and again maybe a lipgloss or something small like that, you coin purse could probably fit. My sister has the mini flap, that is pretty small, so maybe a cellphone and a small coin purse would fit good in there. Out of the 3 the E/W has the most space, the other 2 are small. Also depends on which WOC you get, the half moon WOC you might fit more in there than the timeless envelope one that I have. Hope someone can show you some comparison pictures so you can get a better idea!
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    Ok I had more pictures on my other laptop that I dropped yesterday :sweatdrop:
    I had to go back in the reference thread and pull up some of my older pictures. Here are some pics of my WOC, Mini and E/W flaps:

    You can definitely fit a phone and coin purse into the E/W! It fits more than the M/L and its my favorite size for everyday because its small and convinient. The mini has enough room for keys, coin purse, phone, and some other small items (like lipstick, compact, small bottle of perfume, etc) For the WOC, its probably a bit tight...I cannot fit anything other than my iphone into the bag. But I keep money in the zippered compartment and some CCs in the card slot so there is no need for a coin purse.


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  4. thanks so much! i actually had an east/west already so I was looking to compare it. ideally, the bag i want is an east/west but i'm not sure the color i want (bubblegum patent) will be coming in e/w size. i have a m/l right now and that would be my first choice if it wasn't so much more $$ for not that much extra space.
  5. I went through the same dilemma ages ago. Decided to get E/W 1st, since its more spacious; its a real purse (not wallet); very similar to classic M/L flap and it gets the most bang for money! But you know what, not long later, I have also gone on to get the Mini, M/L, Jumbo & a few WOCs! I like them all!
  6. Hi there E/W owners,

    can i ask whether the E/W come is only a single chain or does it come in a double chain?

    I saw a Beige colour E/W today with a single chain and then another bag with is the same lenght as the E/W but it is wider - more boxy. and that has a double chain. is that still call a E/W?
  7. E/W bags are made with double chains and a pocket in the bag now too.
  8. I just bought the Black Caviar E/W a few weeks ago. Mine is very very black, has a single chain, and a special hook so you can shorten the chain and wear it your wrist. I also have a back pocket.

    I've seen newer ones that are not as structured as mine with a double chain. That means you cannot shorten it the way I can. I think they are changing the style.

    WHere did you see the biege EAst West...I'm looking for one. Is it beige caviar or lamb?
    Please pm me ...Fran
  9. pro_shopper, I am :drool: :drool: over your purple e/w, it's sooooo gorgeous. Love your pink mini too, you have a gorgeous selection!

  10. Hi Francesca1234,I saw the beige E/W in Bon Marche in Paris yesterday. i think it was lamb.

    oooo i am so lusting after a blue one! i hope i can find one soon.

    Hi Luccibag, I saw this online, is that the new E/W style with double chain that you mentioned?

  11. Do they only have the E/W flap with double chain w/o the intertwined leather? I usually see e/w flap (double chain) with bijoux chain, if I'm not mistaken..And can you also adust the length of the straps and can carry it w/ a single chain? Thanks..
  12. Deciding on a small, but not too small of a bag for evenings out is my dilemma also! I'm on the wait list for the half moon WOC because I've heard it hold more than most WOC's, but am afraid I will want a little more space than that. I love the E/W, but wonder if its too big for what I want....I am going to look at the mini-flap and E/W today!