WOC Vs M/L Classic Flap


Oct 24, 2016

I have a WOC and was wondering if it is worth getting the M/L classic? I am debating between an M/L and a Jumbo but since I have the WOC I am not sure it's worth getting the M/L since it won't hold all that much more. Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks,


Jul 26, 2006
You need to get what works for you and what you love.
I love the m/l classic flap and it holds enough of what I use on a daily basis- wallet, phone, lipstick etc. I don't carry tons of things unless I'm working and then I use a tote, so for me the CF is perfect for day outings. If I am traveling and want to carry more then I will reach for the jumbo or tote. I practically never use my WOC unless I am going to a Disney type setting.
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Apr 15, 2015
Sunny Florida
I have WOC and classic flap in M/L and Jumbo. The WOC is a completely different bag than the classic flaps and serves an entirely different purpose IMO. I don't think they are similar at all. Since you already have a WOC, I think your real dilemma is whether to get the classic flap in the M/L size vs. the Jumbo. I don't carry much daily, so my M/L flaps get more use than my Jumbo. I also feel the M/L size can be dressed up more so than the Jumbo, making it more versatile IMO. But there are tons of folks that prefer the jumbo over the M/L. Check out this link for lots of advice and opinions:



Jan 20, 2015
I practically never use my WOC unless I am going to a Disney type setting.
+1 same with me! Last time I used my WOC was actually at Disney where they didn't allow big(ish) bags on the rides, but WOCs were fine.

My WOC is for when I really need to be hands-free and carry only the absolute essentials (phone, cards, cash, keys). M/L flap is for when I want to carry my "basics plus", usually adds up to a wallet and lipstick or sunglasses. It also has to be a situation where I'm ok having the bag over the shoulder, since it can't go crossbody.

I think having a WOC and a flap are totally reasonable as they serve different purposes, but if you're worried about them being too close in capacity, perhaps the Jumbo is a better size option, as it definitely holds much more than the M/L.


Apr 19, 2008
Agree with the others that woc and m/l are very different bags. I am a small bag gal so i can actually use woc as my daily bag, where as the m/l is more for special occasions (that's because I can't wear it cross body which is a must when I have my kids). However ultimately the m/l is my HG and favourite bag of all time for its beauty and the sentimental value it has to me (wedding gift from hubby, bought from rue cambon store).
If the question then becomes m/l or jumbo, then I think you should go and try these bags on to see how they suit your needs. I have a vintage jumbo and find I hardly use it now due to its weight but I use my seasonal jumbo flap (fabric lining) which is much lighter and can be worn crossbody.
So again, it's personal preference and lifestyle that should dictate your choice.