WOC question pls help!!

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  1. Hi all
    I bought this woc in 2012.
    The leather at both sides seem to be crumpled. Is this normal?

    I only used this a couple of times.

    Not sure if I'm storing it correctly ? I let it stand upright in my cupboard . IMG_1469158667.780082.jpg IMG_1469158678.646319.jpg IMG_1469158687.713848.jpg
  2. image.jpeg Looks normal to me. The leather is soft an unlined around the sides and on the bottom. I also store mine standing up and lightly stuffed with tissue paper and the chain inside.
  3. Thanks! Yours looks in a better shape thou.
  4. I store my woc laying down in it's pouch, button not snapped; not stuffed
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  5. I store mine the exact same way and have never had any issues. The woc is the one Chanel 'bag' that I do not store upright or stuffed. The crumpled sides could also be from over stuffing the Woc too much when in use...
  6. That doesn't look like storage wear but more like over stuffed as katiebal mentioned.
    Even though the sides are "expandable", it's soft leather and when you put too much things in there, you'll see that sometimes it can "stretch" the leather a bit and will cause the WOC to look like what's happening in your pictures.