WOC or Miss Dior large pouch?

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  1. I've been trying to get a pink WOC before the price increases happen but it's looking impossible. I was in Dior yesterday and they had a fuchsia lamb skin similar to the WOC. It is $1600. You can cross body, double the chain or even remove it. I'm not familiar at all with Dior, anyone have one of these? Trying to decide if I should buy this or keep waiting for the WOC. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398118617.860924.jpg
  2. Oooh pick me, pick me! I know Dior! Seriously though, for a WOC type bag, the Dior gives you 3x the bag for your bucks than the Chanel WOC. Chanel's lambskin bags are $1775 at present, with new ones arriving at $2100. They don't hold near the amount that Dior's pouchette bags do. Look at all of the space you get inside the Dior compared to the Chanel. If you wander to the Dior board, you will find some threads and reveals which show this pouchette to be quite popular. Plus, you've already seen the versatility that Dior gives you. I don't have one of these pouchettes (but have looked them over quite well, as I was considering one this year in yellow), but I do have a Miss Dior, which is the big sister to this bag. I highly recommend Dior, and their products are second to none, and the sales associates are friendly, helpful, and you always get impeccable customer service.
  3. I'm also waiting for a quilted WOC, but after seeing this photo... i'm going to go pick up this DIOR beauty. :love:
  4. Tutu your converting me over to DIOR! Ahhh! :faint:
  5. You will LOVE Dior! I know I do. :smile:
  6. Wow this one looks awesome! I just have lady dior bag and didn't know they make cross body one! I would pick pouchette for sure. Plus color is to die for!
  7. The Diorissimo is completely hand made, just like Hermes. Dior just has impeccably made bags, their lambskin is actually better than Chanel's (oops did I just say that?), and their color choices are fabulous. You'll never find a snooty SA there, either. J'adore Dior!
  8. haha, now I know that I am not the only one :smile:before I got my WOC, I had the same concern too. But I'm glad that I got my DIOR, you won't have any regrets at all. I own the WOC and the Dior pouch, but if only choose one, especially I overheard the price is gonna increase 5/1, I would go for the Dior, comparing to the size, Dior is more roomy; comparing to the lamb skin quality, personally, I like Dior more, it's more puffy and durable; comparing to the colors, Dior has more choice; comparing to the price, it's more decent, now is $1775, but if you keep waiting, the price will be increase to $2100!!! Go for Dior!!!
  9. I pick you! :smile: Thank you Tutu! I was hoping you would respond as I remember you saying you liked Dior before. The SA were so nice, holding it for 48 hours for me. I've been to 4 Chanel boutiques in the past 2 days and called the world over with no luck. I really liked the size of the bag, my WOC doesn't hold my sunnies. So good to know about the quality too, I've never had lamb skin before. I think this bag is going to be mine!
  10. Lol, sorry to enable! :smile: They had so many beautiful colors to choose from too!
  11. Wow! That's amazing! Thanks for sharing Snowbubble. Post what color you get!
  12. The color is so beautiful! I would say almost exact to Chanel's fuchsia. (I saw a few wallets yesterday)
  13. Thanks Baglover, good to know you love yours and that the quality is durable too! What color did you get? These could be dangerous, they have a whole rainbow!

  14. I know right? This is dangerous... Lol