WOC or Classic Flap?

Should I sell my WOCs and get a Small Classic Flap?

  • Yes

  • No

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Jolly Wolf

Nov 6, 2012
Hello girls! Well, I have two WOCs (a classic black and a burgundy halfmoon) and recently I've been thinking about selling them and getting a small classic flap bag. What do you guys think? Should I do it?


Oct 20, 2009
If you use them I wouldn't. You will regret it later. Maybe sell something you don't like and save your money for a m/l. The flap doesn't have much space, maybe you should get a Jumbo. Or think about a Mini. Looks like a m/l but is littler smaller and much cheaper.:happydance:


Aug 29, 2011
Ask yourself a few questions first...
How often do I use my WOCs? If often then you will for sure regret it
Do you prefer one WOC over another? If you only use one then sell the other to start saving for a mini!
How long would it take to save for a mini? If you calculate the time it would take and then set up a plan I'm sure you will come up with the money quickly since you would also have the urgency to add a bit extra to reach your goal faster!
Hope I could help! Good luck!
If you use your WOCs you should definitely keep them and save up for another bag. As other have mentioned- their retail price is rising like crazy. I personally love the versatility of the WOC and couldn't imagine being without mine. If I had 2 WOCs I might keep one and sell another one to help fund your new flap bag. Have you considered getting a larger flap bag instead of the mini? The mini is almost the same size as a WOC- it may be nice to save up to get a larger one in addition to your WOC for more options in size. Just my opinions- I hope I was able to help! Goodluck :smile:


Nov 30, 2008
San Francisco
I say sell one WOC and put it towards your new bag fund. Keep the one you love more. I agree with what most are saying, keep it for versatility in your collection and get a flap. The size flap is your lifestyle preference. I have a jumbo flap and love it because I can wear it so many ways and I also have a mini which is really cute and simple. Either way good luck with your decision! :smile:


Shopaholic in denial
Dec 20, 2011
I voted yes, only if you don't like the WOCs and don't use them often. I love my WOC, it's so versatile and good for weekend or running errands, classic flap is often more dressy and considering the size (small) you're looking at is not roomy for loading in everyday essential items. How about selling just 1 WOC that you like it least and save up to get the Classic Flap in M/L size? :smile:


Jul 5, 2011
How often do u actually use them thats my question... If u rarely use them i wouod say sell them and get the small or m/l flap which i personally find them way more versatile and practical. (but again i am a small bag gal). I also have a woc but frankly i havent used it as often as i like and i have also considered selling it, but now i have a designated use for it (running quick errands such as going to hairdresser or bringing my doggy to groomers). Good luck deciding! =)