WOC-Now or Chanel Classic Flap Later??

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    So the m/l lambskin flap in gh and sh are currently sold out everywhere.

    The classic black woc with the SH cc logo in Caviar and Lambskin is also sold out from what I have been told with the exception of 1 in lambskin at a local Neimans.

    Issue is, should I get the Woc now or should I wait until I find the flap I'm looking for? I also wouldn't be able to afford both, so whatever I buy I would have to wait at least several months before I can buy the other.

  2. wait for the flap, because it sounds like what you really want :biggrin:
  3. Jperi..

    Thanks for your opinion! I do love the flap, but I also adore the Woc. So adorable and useful! I would eventually like to have both in my collection.

    When do you think Chanel will do another price increase? I know in Nov they are increasing price on Jumbo and Maxi, but I wonder when they will do another price hike for all other classic items?? :confused1:
  4. definitely wait for the m/l you should be able to get something before the next increase
    but if you buy the woc now you might not have enough money to get the m/l before the increase. Plus if you get the woc you are just settling for it.. even tho yes it is beautiful
    good luck in finding ur m/l
  5. I will get the classic flap 1st if its for me, just worry that the next price increase with come.

    I bought my classic flap 1 month later after the price increase (in Singapore). I should have bought it earlier....
  6. If the woc u can find is also black, wait for a m/l first and get a woc in other colour later.
  7. wait for m/l.

    if metal keeps rising, Chanel will then probably decide the last minute hike their prices before Christmas.
  8. flap.
  9. Although it's hard to wait, I think that would be your best bet because it sounds like you really want the flap. If you don't get it, you will probably keep thinking about it!
  10. flap
  11. I would go for the flap too!
  12. Chanel Beverly Hills had the WOC black caviar in stock last weekend.
  13. I would say wait and purchase the M/L.
  14. Wait for the flap!
  15. I would say wait for the M/L because its what your really want!