WOC Lovers: What's your favourite functional style of WOC?


Sep 5, 2014
I am looking for functional/compartmental preferences, not necessarily style. But you can obviously mention your style preferences, too. :smile:

The contenders:

  • Classic Quilted/Boy/Reissue WOC (the original compartment style)
  • Half-Moon WOC (discontinued) -- larger, expandable baguette shape & magnetic closure. No rear pocket
  • Trendy WOC -- no rear pocket, vertical pocket isn't deep. Working turnlock.
  • "Clutch"/Double-Zip (?not sure of the proper name) WOC -- 2 external zip pockets and a long open pouch
  • Reissue working-turnlock WOC
  • Golden Class WOC -- fliplock. No rear pocket
  • Boy clutch-WOC with magnetic closure and short removable strap

Let me know if I've forgotten a style you love. I need a new WOC; I sold my beautiful classic quilted black caviar WOC because I acquired a black classic flap and want to add a black reissue flap. Also, I wasn't a huge fan of the snap button closure.
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Apr 19, 2015
For most functional, I like the half-moon WOC and the reissue with working turnlock. Not a fan of the WOC with the short chain- I can double up/shorten the chain on other WOCs to achieve that look/function and find the short chain limiting. Also not a fan of the double-zip WOC. The center compartment is great for the phone, but the other 2 compartments are too small- if they were just a little bigger they would be perfect. If you stuff one compartment, it makes it harder to use the other compartment. With the small compartments, I find it really limiting on what I can fit, and strongly prefer the more classic WOCs. Style-wise, I least like the trendy and the golden class. I think the metal plate on top of the trendy is a little loud and might be prone to scratches, and I just don't like the look of the golden class. Also, I think there have been some issues in the past with the clasp breaking on the golden class.
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Apr 24, 2009
Wow, looks like somebody had been doing her homework, great job at analizing the bags! Its great to know you have the idea of what you want in a bag.

Since you have the experience of using a classic quilted caviar WOC, you might want to consider others since you are not a fan of the snapbutton. If it is me, why not consider the boy woc since they have it with the new magnetic closure? Or the reissue woc with a working turnalock (or even the lucky charm ones :graucho:). Not a fan of the clutches though they are pretty practical.

While i love the cc trendy, i have my reserves about lambskin, but thats just me. If you are open to all types of leather, trendy is a great option too!

Hope that helps & good luck on deciding :flowers: