WOC...is there any chance for it to work for me still? :(

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I've had this bad feeling for a while now...but I think my much beloved black lambskin WOC SHW just isn't for me :sad:
    I bought it cuz I wanted to versatile mini bag which is dressy enough for ballett or other such events. I haven't worn it very often yet, as it was too dressy for casual events and I haven't been to dressy events that much in recent times. So it genereally only has show time when I take it out of its dust bag to admire it, which I admit, do quite often.

    BUT...the one time I used it for an event the smallness and chain bugged me a LOT. Like lots and lots: Yes, you can wear the chain doubled up, but any time I opened it, the chain fell out and I had to painstakingly retuck it every single time, so it was the same length on both chain parts. Annoying in use.
    I don't tend to wear it on one long chain (even wrapped around once it's still too long) and crossbody doesn't looke very nice on me (I'm not that skinny and it just sits weirdly on my hip). As a clutch it's working in no way, as with the chain tucked in, I have no way to get my phone or tissues in there.
    Then I just realized it's too small for my "basics" (which consist of my Iphone, my LV cles, a pack of tissues and a lipstick) - they just don't fit. I just tried again at home and it just doesn't work, I immediately have problems getting the snap to close. And that is without my glasses which I absolutely NEED but don't wear until absolutely neccessary. I got them in (the WOC was stuffed), but when I tried to take one item out, it was at the bottom and my glasses fell onto the cement floor =( I was really lucky they didn't break.

    I'm heartbroken as I love my WOC so much, but I just don't know how to use it! I just have too much stuff. My mini on the other hand is perfect, I get all my basics in there but it's not dressy enough for formal events (dark red caviar SHW).

    So here I am, reading all the threads where you ladies say how much you love your WOCs, how versatile they are and how much stuff you can fit in there...but I just don't manage.
    Is there a secret or other method to make my things fit? =( Or is my love just doomed and there is no way I'll be happy with my WOC?

    What alternative for a dressy CLASSIC small bag is there (which isn't more than a quilted WOC) from any other designer? (considering I might have to sell my WOC)
    I love the demanta clutches from Alexander McQueen but they can only be handheld and seem very "on trend". Not exactly what I'm looking for.
  2. Sorry it's not the right bag for you, I agree, it's not right for everyone.
    I could move this for you to Handbags and Purses if you like, since your asking for help finding a bag that's not Chanel {?}
  3. Maybe some chanel lovers could chime in as to what is an alternative, as they know what kind of bag/not-bag I'm looking for?
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    Typically we move non-Chanel threads to be fair to everyone :yes:
    There'll be a link in Chanel for the next day or so :flowers:
  5. It's okay if the WOC doesn't work for you, sometimes what we think we should love just doesn't love us back. What about a Boy? It can hold more than the WOC and can be casual or dressy imo.
  6. How about the mini reissue 224? With ghw, it looks dressy in my opinion and can be worn double handled, cross body or on one shoulder as well as a clutch. Price point same as small chanel classic as it is a double flap bag.
    Miss dior pouchette is also very pretty.