WOC at Saks? Only caviar and reissue?

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  1. Hello fellow tPFers...

    I went a tad crazy during the recent Saks GC/Triple points event. I wanted to redeem the GCs I got with a black lambskin WOC. I had my SA search for the WOC and all they had at the store was the caviar and the reissue. I really prefer the lambskin but my SA said that Saks never carried the lambskin WOC. Has anyone here purchased or seen the WOC in lambskin at Saks? I'm hoping my SA was only mistaken or was given wrong info.

    I really want the lambskin WOC, but am willing to take suggestions on how else I can blow the GCs? My chanel collection comprises of only three things: a medallion tote, a MC flap,and a wallet. I'm hankering for something classic and small but can still fit my wallet, cosmetics, and phone (at least). What can you recommend?

    As, always - Thank you!!!
  2. as far as i am concerned i only think they did get the reissue WOC's and the caviar one's .. i had my sa check a while back and was told the same thing, so i ended up getting my lambskin from a botique (i've also seen them at neiman's...)

    why dont you look into a PST or a medium flap? they are both part of the classic line and can fit what you want. (see if your SA will let you put your things in the purse - sometimes my things are a bit tight in the medium class flap)

    another new bag love is the neon. although it isn't a part of the classic line, you can still surprisingly fit a lot in it .. i just got the black/white combo and it's lamb for $1995 ...

    good luck on your decision!
  3. I got a black metallic goatskin WIC during saks special EGc
  4. loveisallaround...
    darn. i was hoping my SA was wrong. I really wanted to use my GCs towards the WOC. But thanks for the suggestion. I just checked on the neon flaps like you said, and can i first congratulate you on yours? It's such a gorgeous bag! Really striking with the contrasting piping/edges. Did you get a jumbo or a medium? Do you mind giving me approximate dimensions? That neon is definitely worth considering...

    i just checked on the metallic one... that is cute too! I was wondering though... how metallic is it? I wanted something 'low-profile'... to blend in with the outfit. How much was it for - if you don't mind?

    Thank you for your replies! :flowers:
  5. The WOC is being shipped to me so I don't know how "metallic" it is. I'll post pics when I get it.

    I think it was $1350.