WOC aka Wallet on Chain 'Must Have'

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  1. If you are okay with preowned ones to save some money i see them on eBay all the time (: however a the moment i only see a black patent one for $1,989
  2. Can someone please let me know which country has available stock of the cavier black quilted classic woc in SHW? I've been looking and searching for one with no success. Thank you so much!
  3. A grey one was just posted on eBay if you were still interested for $2,000.
  4. I have a stupid question to ask, but my classic timeless woc in lamb skin has burgundy interior I was wondering shouldn't it be black ?
  5. Can anyone help, please?
  6. My new red WOC in lambskin:smile:

  7. Lovely red is the colour :smile: I love my red woc too!!
  8. Chanel created the burgundy interior so it is easier to find things in a black bag. I think all of the new classic Chanel handbags (classic flaps) come with only burgundy interior. (: hope this helps!
  9. see one on eBay today.
  10. Yes but I thought it was only for the real classics not for the wocs!
    Maybe its because my red woc is fully red inside and out.
    Oh well I love it nonetheless :smile: Its quite clever to put burgundy inside to see things at parties and such!!

  11. Thanks. I just saw it :smile:
    Bit pricey :sad: so I need to pass.
    Guess I need to look elsewhere - ebay is way too overpriced.
  12. You just got to look consistently. I just bought a older timeless WOC slightly used for $900 with auth card & white box from cambon. They have good deals you just need to catch them.
  13. I just saw one on fashionphile for $1595
  14. Its lambskin ^^^^
    Im after caviar leather. Sellers on ebay and bonanza are overpricing them.
    Thanks anyway :smile:
    I will keep looking.
  15. BG @NYC have: Classic "WOC" black Quited Carvar W/SHW.1(212)872-8920.
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