WOC aka Wallet on Chain 'Must Have'

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  1. It is so gorgeous ! Very hard to score for this classic caviar :smile: Congrats !
  2. Does anyone know which store has Timeless classic WOC black caviar with GHW? TIA
  3. I'm surprised I'm finding more WOCs with SHW. An SA told me that SHW is "classic" and gold is "seasonal." When did this happen? This kind of surprised me because when I was growing up (and mind you, I'm definitely much older than the SA I was talking to) my mother and her gen had Chanels with GHW. I don't remember seeing one with SHW.....
  4. I am currently after a quilted classic black WOC with gold hardware and not only did i find out that gold is super hard to find but also the quilted WOC comes mostly in lambskin which is not what I wanted. I just rang my boutique and they said they only have one black quilted WOC in cavier leather in the whole of the UK and it's on hold for another customer! Just my luck! They did have cavier in other colours but not in black. I'm so surprised that is so hard to find a black WOC in cavier leather in the quilted look!
  5. Really? Hang on a few months- Preorders for the upcoming season are for black caviar WOC with GHW! I was bummed it wasn't for lamb w/GHW!

  6. Thank-you! I am taking it out for the first time tonight :smile:
  7. Thanks will try to hang on! What do you mean about preorders? Does that mean I can order and get on a waiting list? The lambskin looked gorgeous but I really don't want to risk scratching it as I want to use it alot! The SA said the lambskin in gold hardware was also quite rare for them to have and was the only one in the store! Do you think lambskin is a good choice for a WOC?
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    Waiting list and pre-order are different terms. Pre-order requires putting a deposit down (half cost) and you're guaranteed a bag when the shipment arrives - best part is you lock in the price! You pay the remainder of the balance when the bag comes in. Waiting list doesn't guarantee you a bag, and they may ask for cc to get on the WL but won't run it until they've got stock for you.

    Lol, I have as history of going gaga over lambskin on this board! I've got an active lifestyle but honestly I don't think lamb is that difficult to maintain, but that's jmo and experience :smile: I've traveled all over with it and it's always been fine, no special attn needed. But to each her own!
  9. Here's my long awaited WOC! Love, love, love it!!
  10. Does anyone know who will offer preorder for the black caviar quilted GHW?

    I really love it in GHW, but I already have it in SHW...Is it overkill to have it in both?? :smile:
  11. Bought a black patent mini a few weeks ago and while I love it, I'm feeling like a black caviar half-moon WOC would be more practical- haven't had any chances to wear the mini yet...I feel like the patent make it so dressy and the WOC goes with everything? I really wanted a mini as my first Chanel, not a WOC, but now I'm doubting that. Thoughts??
  12. Hirshleifers in NY is taking preorders for this. And no, nothing wrong with getting the same bag in diff. hardware. I totally do this! I mean, some days are platinum days other days are yellow gold jewelry days :smile:
  13. How much is cambon woc? 15xxxx
  14. Yes, that's very true!! :smile:

    Thanks for the preorder info!
  15. So gorgeous! I'm so jealous! : ) please take some more pictures if you can! Love it!
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