WOC aka Wallet on Chain 'Must Have'

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    oh great.. i've been scrolling thru the pages.. but can't seems to find it.. only managed to see the jumbo with ghw & the patent burgundy (with straps) or woc in half moon.. my friend is currently in paris and needs me to decide if i want the burgundy w shw. but i've not seen the actual color so i'm a little unsure. do u happen to know which page is the pic on in authentic finds thread?

    thks much in advance... :ty:
  2. Ok. Found it. Post#2882 page 193.
  3. thks very much lovelykatie :smile: u have been a great help :smile:
  4. awww what a bummer!

    anyhow, i just called two other chanel boutiques in paris.
    no wocs at lafayette & only in lambskin at royale...
    also i was advised to call a day before arriving in paris for stock availability as it changes every day... so it could be true what the SA told me yesterday!
    goodluck to those planning to go to paris (best to be in the boutique when it opens at 10am:smile:

    ciao bella!

  5. Went to Chanel Saturday thinking they wouldn't have a woc that I want but found this!! :heart: The colour is called pink, I can't take a picture to show the proper colour, but it's a very light pink in person. The only down side is the strap isn't patent leather just calf leather. Purchased in Toronto.
  6. Oh no! I'm heading to Paris in September and am planning to purchase a WOC! They really have no stocks?? :sad:
  7. it could be just the other day when i called. there are heaps of tourists during summer so that's probably why (and WOCs being one of the most affordable chanel classic, they get sold out easily).

    but atleast there are a lot of chanel boutiques in paris... i hope you are staying longer than 1 day so if it's not available on day1, you have other days to be lucky! :smile:

    fyi. i visited chanel zurich yesterday and found WOCs: black camelia (lambskin, CHF 1430), black and red quilted classic (lambskin, CHF 1550) and black sevruga (CHF1230).... the black caviar quilted still eludes me tho... one day i'm sure she'll be mine! for now, happy hunting!!! :smile:

  8. Congrats! Such a beautiful woc.
  9. Love this! Congrats!
  10. Very pretty. Congrats! :smile:
  11. Lovely pink. Congrats, enjoy ur haul :smile:
  12. I've seen the color in person. I agree the pic doesn't show it's true color. It's a gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. My WOC arrived today! It is gorgeous- love it! Classic Quilted Caviar black with gold hardware. Thank-you again Yodaling1 -Lana was very helpful.


  14. Beautiful! Congrats, you lucky girl!! I called Lana too but it was too late :sad:
  15. Thank-you lady! I feel lucky!
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