1. I just noticed someone actually paid USD3900+++ for the Miroir speedy on eBay.

    Now, that's what I call.. nuts! That's amount 3x the original amount!
  2. Won't be the first. Someone shelled out 5K in the beginning of the mirior storm! Dang it, I still want this bag:crybaby:
  3. ^thats CRAZY! where will you even use that?
    im glad i got my little miroir before all of the craziness.
  4. Gosh. I'm glad I got my Speedies already. They're so gorgeous but I suppose if you'd use it as much as I do with mine then it's well worth it!!
  5. Eh, 5k?

    Woah... I cant believe it. I *know* I love it and wants to buy it... but I cant seems to be willing to fork out more than double it's original price..maybe it's just me.
  6. 5k is excessive but 2k-high 3ks isn't too horrible. I mean it's still expensive but it's hard to find any that are any cheaper.
  7. I really want the miroir papillon.
    But not for those prices.
    Well i will most likely cave eventually and get one...
    but yea the prices are stupid.
  8. wow crazy prices on eBay, but if you really want something thats LE then the markup is pretty typical for eBay.
  9. :sweatdrop: Wow.. That's A LOT! I want it too, but noe THAT bad!
  10. what was the original price? $1360?

    4 grand is too much- but if you got the moola- no prob! was this the speedy that was a b-day present from ___ Stewart's dad Rob Stewart?
  11. i thought i paid alot $2200 guess not.
  12. Wow.
  13. Close, $1380. :smile:
    And you mean Rod's daughter Kim hehe.
  14. For that high I'd rather get a watch or maybe a few bags instead. I mean, don't get me wrong, the speedy is TDF but I wouldn't take a hit like that.
  15. The prices will go down. Remembe graffitti and MC and all those other lines you can find for LV cheap.