1. she does look better than a little while ago. Her music has changed not like it used to be.
  2. I love her new song, and she looks REALLY good for having a kid! her songs were ok before, but, I think she's really hit the nail this time :smile:
  3. I can't get the video to load (I'm at work) but I've heard the song. Isn't that Timbaland I hear on that song? I know she's worked with him before.
  4. She is gorgeous! And I only wish my abs looked like that after having my little one! DANG!
  5. ^^ exactly. I was like wth!!! thats nelly!!!!! shes changed so much since 99-00. she looks great now, shes inspired me to get back into shape. what ethnicity is she anyways? spanish?
  6. Ok, got the video to load. She does look good. Her abs are killer :yes:
  7. She looks very in shape! But her sound changed a lot! I felt like during some scenes in the club, her face reminded me a bit of Courtney Cox.
  8. i think she's portugese (she's from Canada though)
  9. Heard the song...LOVED it...watching the video now
  10. What song did she sing again? All I remember is not liking it :yucky:
  11. ^^^ that really annoying one! "i'm like a bird" or something, drove me crazy!
  12. Thats the song! I loved that song.

    .........Justin Timberlake is in this video. Did you notice?
  13. they play her on the radio here soooo much b/c she's canadian. they have rules about how much canadian content must be played, so her stuff gets old pretty fast.
  14. I never liked "I'm like a bird". Bah.