WOAH Lindsay!

  1. best I've ever seen her look!
  2. Wow very revealing photos.
  3. i saw those too! i was JUST as shocked! :wtf:
    but yes, she looks great!
    at least she loves her breasts... :Push:
  4. I would kill for that hair!
  5. Yea, I saw those earlier today.I can't believe she already posed for GQ all risque.Personally I think she shouldn't be posing like this at 20 years old, she has the rest of her life ahead where she'll be older and more mature, so she can do this later in life but I don't get why she wants to do this now.

    What boggles my mind is the fact that she actually said this in the magazine:

    "I've lived, like, 15 lives by now. I've had to grow up pretty fast.

    Smoking is a dirty habit. It's a dirty habit for a dirty little girl.

    Drama Sells, and nobody wants to watch Miss Perfect.

    I don't know if I could be monogomous. I don't want to be with just one person.

    Redheads are more passionate and more sexual than other girls.

    I Like my body, and I like my breasts. And no, they're not fake."
  6. wow she looks great but what is the "hand in her crotch" look for 3 photos all about?
  7. I'd do it at 20 something as opposed to later after life, children and gravity got the better of me!:yes:
  8. I think she looks great minus the cigarette.:yes:
  9. LOVE Lindsay!
  10. i love the first picture!
  11. My thoughts exactly!
  12. she has red hair again!!! :love: :love: :love: now if she'd just lay off the self tanner she'd be perfect! :biggrin:

    those are really beautiful photos.

    as far as being too young, your twenties are when you're supposed to do stuff like that. and i totally relate to the 15 lives comment...i'm twenty two and i feel like i'm on my sixth or seventh one. it's all part of growing up. she sounds like most of the twenty year olds i've known. :angel: plus keep in mind GQ is a men's magazine...their interviewers/questions/poses tend to be MUCH more sexual than your standard elle/vogue/glamour/allure/jane portrait.
  13. Wow, she looks terrific. I like all the pictures. I don't know about the 15 lives, but I think this is the age where she should get some of the crazy partying out of her system. If not now, she's never going to do it. The only con I see to this is all the little teeny boppers who adore her and dress like that at the age of 13.
  14. Those pics are AWESOME!!!:love: