woah!! let-trade has the new denim cruise cabas GM!!

  1. someone should snatch it up! it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  2. they are killing me! there are alot of things i want to get. i really want the trompe pochette. out of my budget for now. i hope someone grabs that one too.
  3. Is that under or above retail? :confused1:

    And how come they have Miroir already!?!?:hysteric:
  4. ^^I'm with all of you...I too would love the Trompe L'Oeil but it's a bit much! I hope someone from here picks up the cruise cabas. It looks awesome!
  5. about 600$ over retail!

    retail is 2040.00 + (taxes)
  6. Normally,$2040 Plus tax..thats what i paid for my GM......Why do they jack the price up SO HIGH???..My store had more of them too....Not like they are sold out yet
  7. it was even on elux a couple of times!
  8. Yeah, that price is crazy, they are available from the stores still...