WOAH! Let-trade has Hermes!!!!

  1. Anyone know the retail price of the bag? :graucho:
  2. I wonder why the dustbag would not be included when they show it in the photo?
  3. Let Trade always say no dustbag in their website as a default. Most of the time they are sent with it but just ask first to be sure. The $3999.99 also includes worldwide shipping.

  4. I dunno....I would assume a LOT! haha...:shrugs:
  5. uh oh.....its only a matter of time ladies....I'm in big trouble....they are one of my favorite sellers!
  6. that kelly is a steal!!! omg
  7. Oh believe me, I am begging mommy right now. :roflmfao:
  8. Ummm... is it me, or... does the stamped lettering look a bit 'off' ??? The leather looks more like Epsom rather than Togo as the auction states. I'm not sure though. Somebody, correct me if I'm wrong!
  9. Good eye !

    Definately not togo ! And the S on the end of Hermes looks larger. hmmm..
  10. ^Looks like Epsom to me and I think the stamping is fishy as well.
  11. so were assuming its a fake correct?
  12. If Let Trade is selling a fake Kelly then that is going to cause a huge kerfuffle over in the LV forum. Is anyone certain??
  13. Kerfuffle is an understatement! Can any other Hermes experts verify if this Kelly is a fake?
  14. that bag looks totally fake.