Woah. I'm REALLY pissed.


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Mar 14, 2007
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So, I bidded for forever21.com gift card. Won it just yesterday.. about 28 hours ago. Seller sent me an invoice with the wrong amount. I send him/her two msges requesting for a correct total. Still didnt get a reply from him/her before I went to bed.

I just woke up. ( I'm not in USA. There's a 12 to 16 hrs time zone differences ). I received this two msges. First:

I have sent an invoice without the shipping charge on it as you requested. Please send payment via paypal ASAP.

Den the second msg was:

Due to failure to receive payment; the gift card has been re-listed.

I went back to the listing, and no where was stated that payment must be in within 24 hours.

It has only been 28 hours and the reason why I have not make any payment was because the invoice amount WAS WRONG! I didnt need shipping because I'm located out of USA, and will only need the code and pin. What is with this seller!? I'm hopping mad now.

Is there any way to report him to ebay and make him go through the deal!?


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May 17, 2007
It doesn't sound like your seller was concerned about that anyway, if s/h sent you an invoice without shipping. But sellers are taking a big risk - they are lucky you're honest.
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May 24, 2008
Report them to EBAY, as unless it was a BIN requiring IMMEDIATE payment, you technically have 7 days to pay.