WOAH! I hit the MOTHERLOAD 2day! Chanel, Kate Spade, Coach, Gucci, etc..

  1. I made my first trip up to Woodbury Commons today, it may have been a 2 hour drive with traffic delays but MAN was it worth it!!! Their big "President's Day Weekend Sale" started today and I was determined to get there EARLY before any chance of the good stuff being gone....

    WOAH!!! EVERY store had sales 25-75% off clearance & regular prices. Chanel had 50% off off-season jewely/bags/shoes. The selection wasn't fabulous but definately some gems. I fell in :heart: with a necklace and HAD to get it!

    Saks off 5th had buy one item, get the next 50% off! Barney's NY had a HUGE 75% off section. I even saw a Balenciaga "boobie" for $70!

    Burberry had two huge bins of scarves, bags, and other small items ALL 50% off!

    Coach had HUGE sale prices!!

    The shoe section inside of Space (Prada & Mui Mui) was TORN APART because the sales were so great.

    Neiman's Last Call had 30% off ALL shoes!

    and the list goes on, and on... the Gucci store was PACKED I could hardly breath in there but nothing too exciting, shoe size selection was sparce and not too many bags left. They had a lot of 30-50% off clothes and other accesories.

    Anyone want to see the treats I got today??????
  2. Totally!!!!!!!! spill girl!
  3. Hell Yeah..pics!
  4. Please do share!:yes:
  5. Don't tease us please!!!!!
  6. OK, here is the Chanel necklace I got. TRUST ME, there were about 4 others I could have easily bought without blinking but I HAD to choose one and this one fell so nicly and looked stunning. I :heart: it. I also was SO close to buying the little "Chanel Bible," anyone ever seen that bag? It's a black suede quilted "book" with the gold Chanel on the "bind" and a gold tassle. OMG, SO unique!! I just couldn't do it, of course I am probably going to regret it tomorrow.



  7. AWESOME deal on Gucci shades (actually ALL the shades) at Saks Off 5th!!!

    :nuts: :wlae: :yes:

  8. OMG, I LITERALLY was nearly in tears when I found this bag at the Kate Spade outlet. I ALMOST bought it full retail at Nordstom's. WOW, I am glad I didn't 'cause I got BOTH the bag AND matching shoes for LESS than what the retail price was JUST for the bag at Nordy's.


  9. Really beautiful!:love: Congratulations!!
  10. If I told you the total for the bag AND scarf was $250 would you have a heart attack or what? :nuts: :happydance: :lol:

  11. Umm, $22. YEAH, I SAID IT... FINAL CLEARANCE $22!!!

  12. I also got these adorable Beverly Feldman heels & Lacoste sneakers for a STEAL... along with that funky gold star medallion. :heart: :p


  13. OK, that's it!! Of course there is SO much I regret NOT buying now but hey, the $ only goes so far :sad::sweatdrop:

    Till next time, I am QUITE satisfied!!! :yahoo: :p :yes:
  14. i have coveted those ks shoes forever! KS are my initials!
  15. oh my gosh, call the Woodbury store, they had MANY sizes in both black & red suede. :smile: