Woah! Coach Markdowns!

  1. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed on the Coach website that some bags are now even cheaper!

    Exhibit A:

    Gallery Patent Tote -Now $279!


    Gallery Signature Tote is now $230, Hampton Signature Small Round Hobo is $139 some Bleeker pieces are cheaper now too.

    I'm glad I still have holiday shopping to do! :woohoo:
  2. Wow really? Ive never seen Coach lower their prices on the website. If those are lower prices (I hadnt checked those bags out before) then that's pretty interesting.
  3. Me either. Happy shopping everyone!:okay:
  4. Why would the large bleeker ($314) be less than the regular bleeker ($328)?
  5. Okay that ticks me off because I just bought my Hampton Hobo in September for 198 and now it is 139. :wtf:
  6. WOW!!! Good to know! For all of you ladies w/ a Nordies, my SA at Nodies just called me to tell me that the gallery patent tote 11500 went on sale this morning. It goes for $264.90 ie $14 cheaper than Coach.com. If I had any $$$ left, I'll buy it in ruby!:smile:
  7. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen them lower prices before. I suppose they are really desperate for sales?
  8. Thanks, I didn't notice and never though they would lower either !
  9. Well, we should consider that even Gucci has sales :smile:

    I posted my own thread based on some of our recent threads! I looked at the lowered prices and none of them made me mad since my bags didn't go down.
  10. I wish the freakin' Large Bleeker flap would go down...
  11. Does anyone know if the store prices have gone down on these same bags or is it an online sale only?
  12. They're not advertised as sales, so maybe these are the new price points. I hope these markdowns are permanent.
  13. Yes--this is very weird...the ergo sig. hobo is less now ($188) than the small one ($198)!!!

  14. Do you think maybe they are working on the site and some errors have been made? That seems weird that the smaller bag is more $$ than the larger one.