woah chloe bag on bluefly!!

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  1. oh it's gone =O
  2. man, that was fast. i think it's really pretty though...
  3. Snake skin.....:shudder:
  4. Do you think it's a sign that the paddington will get a price redux in the future?
  5. I think maybe because the snake skin one is hard to sell so they put it on bluefly and reduce the price????Maybe??
  6. hey it's back in stock if anyone wants it!
  7. Yup it's back but I don't like the color of it.
  8. Nice! What was the original price on it? I thought it was around $2000, but I might be thinking of the wrong one.
  9. bluefly says it retailed for $2495. savings of $500...a pretty nice deal!
  10. Doubtful the Paddy will ever end up there. Bluefly grab overstock goods and sell them for less... there is no Paddy overstock... there is a shortage. lol!