Woah! Check This Out!

  1. [​IMG]

    It's not that big (12x7x4) so I wonder how "in your face" this one would be over the red patent gauffre that Jill had and sent back. Hmm.....

    I do like the styling of this bag though. I imagine they will come out with other colors (hopefully non-patent) later on though.
  2. I saw this IRL yesterday at Saks. It is pretty.
  3. ^^^How flashy is it? I'm always really apprehensive about red patent bags.
  4. I saw it IRL too...Its pretty bright but I kinda like it!!!
    Im diggin that style bag!
  5. It is quite flashy. You will stand out for sure.
  6. wow, i love it!
  7. You def will stand out but it's not gawdy (sp?).
  8. Beautifull!!
  9. I like it, too! But I want to see it IRL first.
  10. Wow that's gorgeous!
  11. Patent red not for me but if you like it then rock it!
  12. love it!
  13. Think I like it!!
  14. i like this bag....especially it is red.
  15. Wow!!!!! Flashy!!! I like it but wouldn't buy it in red..maybe black...Love the style too!! Thanx Prada for the pic!!!!