Wny can't I just be happy?

  1. Ok, I am absolutely loving my black city right now, even though I have more summery colors/bags. But then, why I am absolutely lusting for a black day? @ days ago I was ready to buy an 06 red city or work. I still want the wallet lol. I haven't even received the bubblegum pink city in the mail yet, that I plan on using over the summer. Sometimes I just feel like I am losing it, and not in a good way yk? :hysteric:Oh, and the Isabella Fior is on it's way back to Adasa today cause it's just a Balenciaga.
  2. awe, i know how you feel sunspark & you're not alone :girlsigh:...everytime i'd buy a b-bag, i'd be floating on air & feel totally complete...but slowly, but surely (well, sometimes not even slowly :P), i'd start craving another one...i thought i was finally done & then i bought the wallet & the coin purse (which i've since returned for store credit)...now i've got this silly store credit @ the nyc store & will be forced into making yet another purchase :crybaby:...wish i could understand it or explain it, but it's one of life's greatest mysteries!!!
  3. I can't answer this question to my own satisfaction...it's really a virus I think....but in this case I can't seem to shake it....though I am very happy with the bags I've collected so far! Sunspark...just know you're not alone!
  4. sunspark, you are definitely not alone.
    i get spikes of this fever every so once in a while myself. thank goodness right now the virus left my body.
    but i know i'll never have immunity against it.

    sorry for the cheesy analogy.:shame: i'm in medicine after all! :P
  5. ooh... u're not alone honey...
    i too can't always seem to have enough bags.. but luckily i always have so much things inside my bag and sometimes too lazy to exchange bags, so sometimes i sell my bags again just to get a new one and HAVE that feeling again. i guess because i can't flirt wuth guys anymore and i'm putting all the energy to bags :P
  6. Sunspark--I can relate to every word of your post. It seems like thoughts of bags are floating in my head most of the time and I'm starting to wonder how healthy that is. Even though I'm pretty good about limitiing my purchases, I still find myself obsessing about bags way too much. I often wonder what great things I could accomplish if I channeled all my bag-hunting energy into something of value. Oh well, I will probably never find out...
  7. I don't know what it is about Balenciaga. I love my chloe paddy, but I definitely have no desire to buy another one, same with my chanel and MJ bag, but with b-bags, every one I buy just makes me want ANOTHER one!! I think everyone is getting b-bag fever: I walked into Club Monaco today and they just came out with their new pre-fall stuff and they had a bag that looked so much like the bal hobo and a matching clutch!! I couldn't believe it!
  8. ALL OF US are NEVER HAPPY! It's always about MORE MORE MORE!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yep, me too. I think that is part of what draws us all to this forum. We all know "that feeling" and we all know it is more like a sickness than a hobby. Coming here and talking about it makes me feel less like a weirdo.
  10. seriously... I got 2 cities in one week and my first thought when I got the 2nd was... now I need a white. That thought had NEVER crossed my mind before! its like the more you get, the more you want. There are just too many options, too many gorgeous colors, too many other seasons of different leathers, all in a gorgeous, soft, scrumptious little package that makes your outfits look hella amazing!
  11. Thanks for the empathy ladies. And sorry about all the gramatical and spelling errors in my post, I must have seriously been suffering.

    Ok, I'm better now, I just received my bubblegum pink city and OMG!! It is the perfect pink for me, I've been in a "pink" mood lately. And the bag is in excellent condition, like new, maybe carried a week <sigh>. And the leather is tdf! I will post pics when my husband is back from his canoe trip with the kids in a few days.
  12. It's hard to be happy without something new every so often. =)
  13. wow, i couldn't have said it better myself, it's definitely more of a sickness :true:
  14. ^^i agree...aaallabama....definitely a sickness...
  15. you're never alone esp. when you're addicated to B-Bags!!!