WNTW-Stacy & Clinton

  1. I watched a marathon the other day and is it just me or do they seem a lot closer than they were last season? Are they a couple now?
  2. Ummm... Well, I'm pretty sure Clinton is gay so I doubt they are a couple. LOVE that show though. They are so funny together!
  3. I adore Clinton, he's fabulous !
  4. I love Clinton, too. He seems like he'd be a lot of fun to hang out with. But yes, you're right Acegirl, I highly doubt they're a couple hee hee.

    I'm so addicted to that show. I constantly see people when I'm out shopping or whatever and think, "Wow, you really need Stacy and Clinton!" and then try and figure out what they'd do to them. Plus, when I get dressed or try on clothes I think, "Hmmm, what would Stacy and Clinton say about this?".
  5. I love that show!
  6. i love this show! i have watched it since the beginning when it was that other guy on there...omg what was his name? he had reaaaaally long hair... anyway they do seem like they are a lot closer but not in a romantic sort of way
  7. I remember him too!! And the funny thing was, he was such a fashion disaster!
  8. I always thought Clinton was gay too but I read something last year where he said he wasnt, who knows just seems they are more touchy-feely-kissy with each other this year.
  9. I think Stacy is engaged (or married by this point, I think I heard that a little while ago) to a guy who isn't Clinton. I think she mentioned it on a show once. I don't know if that is still true.
  10. I think his name was Wayne something. I saw him on a few style/fashion related shows afterwards - with his hair cut short he looks sooo much better.

    I love the playful chemistry that Stacy and Clinton have with each other. They work well with each other and come across as if they really like one another and are well intentioned with the guests (compared to Wayne who seemed a bit abrasive/judgemental).
  11. His name is Wayne. I thought he was ok, but I like Clinton alot better. Him and Stacey work well with eachother. I love the show!

    I do that too. Even my SO started doing that a little bit and he doesn't even watch the show, he just hears it when I watch it. Unless he's a closet 'What not to wear' watcher :wondering
  12. I love What Not to Wear on TLC.I like the hosts even better.Clinton is my favorite though.He seems really nice and down to earth.However, I've never really liked Stacey because she comes off really mean and snotty to me.She seems to look down on people before the makeover and some of her comments that she makes on the clothes usually are pretty mean and not even funny which is the way she probably intended it to be but it never comes out that way and I think that's what she's really thinking.I don't know, it's just something I noticed! :shrugs:
  13. Cute show. I enjoy watching Stacy & Clinton. I was under the impression Clinton was batting for the other team, so I don't think there is any romance between them.
  14. My best friend has a huge crush on Clinton, she likes to believe he's a metrosexual....and I let her...:P
  15. i LOVE stacy and clinton! their chemistry is so much more exciting than the stacy + the previous host! so much fun to watch! and i love stacy's effortless *****iness!

    sometimes... i hate what they put people in, but the majority is a vast improvement!