Wit's end about tassels! Anybody know the last resort for replacing tassels?

  1. I desperately want to find replacement tassels for an 05 Caramel! I've tried BalNY, they don't have them. I've purchased deerskin strips and dyed them...Can't get a perfect match....(By the way they do come in black, which does look great!)

    I have the address and phone# for Bal Paris, but is that the entity that SHOULD have them? I saw elsewhere on the forum, that they don't keep replacements there either!! :cursing:

    Is Paris not the main retail center?? Has anyone had luck ordering them from ANYWHERE? It seems insane that Balenciaga doesn't make them accessible! :hysteric:Please...anybody??:crybaby:
  2. what about Deana.....she may know.....
  3. Thank you. If you think she knows, I could PM her. I have seen her incredible bags...no ratty tassels there! :p