Witnessed someone stealing from LV!!

  1. :wtf: :wtf: Just had to share this with you guys!

    I was in the store yesterday afternoon over lunch looking at a couple of items and chatting with the SA. There were only 2 SAs in the store, and both were engrossed with serving customers. One of the SA was showing me the agendas, while the other was showing a gentleman some watches from the display, with her back to the entrance.

    Suddenly, I heard the other SA shouting "STOP STOP STOP!!!!!!!!!!!" and she dashed out of the store. I then realised that someone had darted into the store while no one was watching and grabbed a denim baggy off the display near the entrance!! (store's door is activated by sensor, which opens and closes automatically)

    They managed to catch the girl and recovered the bag and detained her. All she could say when she was brought into the store was 'sorry' repeatedly. And then suddenly the store was swarmed with security ppl. :wtf:

    OMG. That was too much drama at the LV store for me to handle. Am so traumatised!!! :s
  2. wow!, thats crazy!. Dont they have security guards in your LV?.Im glad everyone is okay!
  3. wow! crazy...
  4. woah!! thats pretty intense, yea I witnessed someone stealing from coach when I was in there a looong time ago, but lately, nothing!! so this is a shocker wow.. how old was the girl?
  5. there are no security guards at this branch that i went cos it's a small outlet. the girl was quite young! i think she was only about 20 yrs old or so.
  6. omg..thats crazy!! very interesting to watch though.

    dont you just love how after they try to steal and they get caught they always say sorry..yeah right..
  7. That's so sad of her... she must have wanted that denim baggy real bad. Still, she shouldn't have stole in the first place. Tsk tsk...
  8. Wow. What drama! I can't believe someone would try that.
  9. the girl had guts!! not that i would ever think to do so, but i imagine it harder to steal from high luxury boutiques than regular dept stores or what not. was she on a dare? which LV was this?
  10. Wow :wtf: It's really :sad: when someone steals but of all the things in the world? LV? C'mon! If she was really in need, I could understand stealing food, but c'mon, Luxury goods? Do you really need that?

    * Wrong place to ask that last question, but you get what I mean! :yes: *
  11. Wow.....I don't know what I would do if I witnessed something like this....
  12. wow..i'd say it's pretty normal to see people stealing from grocery stores..but LOUIS VUITTON? hell no..
  13. Wow, of all places in the world, who would even think they could get away with stealing from LV.
  14. Oh my...one crazy gal!
  15. ITA!!

    Why in the world would she have thought that she wouldn't get caught?!?