Witnessed a birkin purchase today...

  1. Went into the local H for the first time today and I witnessed a birkin purchase!!! I wasn't even buying the birkin but I definitely felt the excitement :yahoo:!! The whole store was so quiet and in anticipation when the woman was trying on the birkin....

    The lucky lady got herself a 30cm vermillion birkin :drool:. Not sure what leather it was as I didn't go close to examine it. Other people in the store were totally eyeing the birkin too. As soon as she put it down (to go look at other stuff), 3 other ladies went up to the SA to try to buy it! But he told them that the first lady already decided she was going to take it home.

    It was such a beautiful birkin :heart:...I am so happy that I actually got to see a birkin at the store (my first time in the store!) as I have heard that it is so rare to see one on the shelf. This just gives me hope that one day when I am ready, I might be a lucky lady as well :smile:!
  2. I'm sure, you will ms.fashionista! Be patience and I'm sure you'll get one very soon.
  3. You'll get yours one day and it'll just be waiting for you!!!
  4. I enjoyed reading your experience at the H store!

    I wonder if the lucky lady was the one who special ordered it, it would be hard to believe anyone passing a color like that up!
  5. This is all so true even at the Mothership, I was told!

    Thank you for sharing your experience, ms.fashionista. It's always a sight to behold. The experience of receiving a Birkin from the store is an amazing one. With all the SAs looking on. Very often, the SAs will stop doing everything and gather around the shrinkwrap popping thing, all the way to the Birkin being dressed with its clochette. It's a feeling that you are the Queen that day.

    I remember my first birkin from my local store. The store supervisor thought I was mad. Instead of sticking around and watching her dress my birkin, I walked away to the ties section to get my DH a tie!
  6. Thanks for sharing your story, ms fashionista. I've witnessed birkin purchase a few times in the stores & they were always exciting experiences. :nuts: It's always great to see how happy the ladies were when they were buying their birkins.

    There was one that I would never forget because her DH conducted a *bag inspection* LOL.
  7. Great story! I wish there were an H boutique close enough to me so I could visit. One day that lady with the Birkin will be you!!!!
  8. Oh that sounds like such fun :smile: Wall St. had a 30cm Vermillion Birkin in Chevre recently, by the way! It's a really nice bag and I was tempted as well.

    What you ladies are describing as the routine in some stores really sounds quite ceremonious. I have never seen SAs gather around for the "unveiling"! It sounds like a much bigger event in many stores than in my local ones. Here, they're often kind of shoving you out the door...after snatching your CC, of course. :hrmm:

    That being said, it is very common for people here to eye up any Birkin bag that's out on the floor, and the moment the person looking at it sets it down, BAM! It's snatched. Not that long ago I was debating about a 32cm HAC in Chevre and I decided against it--so I handed it back to the SA. Within literally 5 minutes, it was sold. It was kind of a shame because later I wished I had taken it home, but oh well. You have to strike while the iron's hot at that store, for sure. There's always someone lurking right behind you to scoop up the bag.
  9. How exciting! Thank you for sharing your story, ms.fashionista. :smile:
  10. isn't it fun to watch? while the person is buying/trying on, the other customers are swimming around watching like sharks. But the person buying is completely unaware of it..too much in her/his own birkin world.
  11. LOL! So true, Fesdu. My SA says, to her, it's like hawks hovering around for the prey.
  12. What fun, Ms. Fashionista!!
  13. Thanks for sharing this story. I love hearing about these types of experiences. When I purchased my ostrich birkin I really did feel like the queen for the day. While they finished ringing me up they posted the security guard outside of the door. They offered me something to drink and all the SA's really did hover around oohing and aahing. That's one reason I love buying from Hermes instead of resellers.
  14. Thanks for sharing Ms Fashionista!
  15. its true. When I was in Paris...and they brought out a 36cm HAC bag..in vache natural...people swarmed around me and started pointing.

    when I was trying it on a rude lady ever came up to my SA that was in the middle of explaining the natural leather and said i want that bag.

    it was really nuts and I had seriously a circle around me....people pointing. it was weird.