Without Prejudice? on GSN

  1. Looks pretty interesting. It starts July 17 @ 9pm.

    How far have we come as a society that is not only accepting of differences but is forgiving of indiscretions?

    'Political correctness' is a hot-button, tightrope topic and WITHOUT PREJUDICE? is taking aim on the nation, ready to gauge the climate of moral consciousness.

    Hosted by Dr. Robi Ludwig, a renowned psychotherapist and journalist, this provocative series focuses on five contestants willing to open their lives to examination. A panel of strangers will decide which ONE contestant deserves to receive a $25,000 prize. Both the panel and home viewers will discover more and more about each contestant as the examination progresses and subsequently, contestants are eliminated.

    WITHOUT PREJUDICE? does not support or condemn any action, attribute or value system, but rather stimulates an open debate. The diverse panel and viewers will soon need to make the ultimate determination that will impact five lives on the line. Can a life-altering decision truly be reached WITHOUT PREJUDICE?

    Here is a link to vid of 10 minutes of one episode.