Without further ado.....

  1. Hi everyone.....a lot of you were involved with the redesign of our new website, as I asked for your opinions and got so much helpful feedback!!! My site is up and running and if any of you want to go visit and tell me what you think, here is the address.... www.treasurebath.com . Tell me your opinions, as it all came about from my serious shopping problem, and my husband's hope to maybe make some $$$$ from it!!!:biggrin:
  2. What A Fabulous Site! Such Beautiful Pieces & VERY Easy To Get Around...I Will Be Back To Buy!!!
  3. Good luck to you both and possibly this will give you more money to spend!
  4. Awww..thanks for the kindness....lots of work, but hopefully worth it!!!:love:
  5. VERY nicely done!
  6. It's a great site. Goodluck to you.
  7. Neat site! Best of luck!
  8. Very attractive site, and easy to navigate. And lots of nice things, too.. Good luck!
  9. Your site turned out really, really well. I'm glad you went for something that looks more sophisticated.
  10. It looks great - good luck!
  11. WOWWW !!! very impressive, great job and the best of luck.
  12. :idea: Yes, I have already spent some of the anticipated $$$ without selling a thing!!!!:shame:
  13. Fun site - Congratulations!

    And thanks for the LARGER VIEW option! :biggrin: :lol: :biggrin: :lol:
    I can see the details.

    Best of Luck!!
  14. Thank you....did you try the larger view option????? Is it still too small???:wondering
  15. Hmmm I think I missed that :lol: - let me go check