Witherspoon & Garner in New Orleans

  1. They were among a delegation of women touring devastated parts of the city Monday to meet with families and children who are trying to adjust to life after Hurricane Katrina. I am sure their smile would help those families and children a lot!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Smiling Beauties:love:

    Source: Absolutely.net
  2. as always, reese is g-e-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.
  3. They both look so cute.
  4. This makes me like them even more than I did before!
  5. I LOVE them both!!!
  6. Love, love, love both of them!
  7. 2 of my favorites!! Fellow Mommies and stars that didn't get caught up in the Hollywood crap! Gotta love 'em!
  8. I love these two. They r great.
  9. Those are the 2 classy ladies from Hollywood that i love
  10. Ah Jennifer Garner my used to be Sunday nite date. love her!
  11. Ditto! these are two classy ladies. Jennifer looks amazing...
  12. i like them both...
    jennifer seems so sweet!i like how she looks with ben affleck !:cool:
  13. Very nice! Both are so classy!
  14. ive always loved reese....dont really get the jen garner thing
  15. super nice of them. They are both so cute! :smile: Especially with their little ones.
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