1. There has been a pretty big storm (for us in CA.) At DF's house our electricity has been out since 6 am yesterday and came back on today at 2 pm. The wind and lightening was so crazy. It broke DF's fence in his backyard and it fell between our backyard but mostly our neighbors. Then hours later the wind got crazy again and ended up knocking the fence portion that was on our neighbors lot into ours. It fell into the Mary statue and shattered it. We're crossing our fingers that it wont get windy again and have the fence slide down (or fly) into the house (because we're at the bottom of the hill and the fence is on top) Our other neighbors tree got split in half. (lightening??)

    Driving to work so many streets were closed off and had a detour. Even the detours had detours! All flooded and tree branches everywhere! Coming home yesterday there was CHP and clean up crew on the free way because a huge tree had fallen.

    Today after work I walked out to my car, and on the way I was making a phone call because it wasnt raining. But withing 10 seconds of my conversation it started to pour! Litertally, not a dizzle but raining really hard out of no where! I ran as fast as I could through the huge over flooded streets to my car to not get my phone wet. (haha). I had my windshield wipers on full blast and still had a really hard time seeing the road!

    Even though it was just a day without a computer, I felt so lonely! But it was nice to really spend time with DF at home. Ya know, no TV no computer, just us two. I was soooo tempted to come on tPF on my phone, but I had to do work on the internet on my phone before my phone died. I had to save a bar on my phone to make sure I can use my phone as an alarm to wake up for work. (good thing, because the electricity still wasnt on when I woke up!) I'm so happy to finally be back on! It was the first thing I did when I got home!! I hope the electricity stays on and the storm finishes off tonight. It's messed up my birthday weekend plans. And I hope it's gone before Weds. so we have no problem leaving at the airport for Hawaii. Yesterday a lot of flights got cancelled. Yikes. My fingers are crossed!!

    Pictures below!
    1) Our fence! (our backyard on the left)
    2) Broken fence from our view.
    3) Neighbors other fence.
    fence.jpg backyard.jpg neighbor.jpg
  2. Awww, I know how you feel, I lost my Internet last night for a few hours, so I played Free Cell instead.

    Man, I tell you, it's a mess out there! DH had yesterday (Friday) off, but the other driver who was down by San Rafael kept calling here to get DH to look up a way to get around the mess. 101 just north of SF was a REAL mess! DH went in today (Saturday) to load his truck because he's to be in SF at 8 am. He's going to leave here at four am.

    A power line went down by my MIL's, so she lost power for a day too. I'm on a different circuit I guess, cuz we are like three blocks from her. I knly lost cable and the 'Net for a time, but not power.

    However, the wind blew like mad, and I could hear trees crashing outside. My big dog went and hid in the bathtub.

    There's flooding everywhere, And it's so dang COLD! This storm is out of Alaska, and it dumped snow everywhere in the mountains around us.

    Stay dry! Stay WARM! STAY SAFE!
  3. when is it going to pass?? do you know?? you have any idea if its headed for hawaii?!
  4. Supposed to calm down by Tuesday some, I think we are in the second of three storms. I'll know more later this morning when DH gets up, he's got the cool weather tracker thingy.

    No, as far as I know, it's headed away from Hiwaii. BUT, I am not sure, so when DH gets up, I'll get a report for you and post here with it, okay?

    Forgot to say I saw your pics, and my! What a mess! I haven't been outside since New Tears Day, so I have no idea how bad it is here, only what Bro and DH told me.
  5. What a mess! And no, its not headed for Hawaii, its headed towards me!
  6. I was pretty sure it's headed east, but it was a series of three storms, so I wanna ask DH where the third one is right now. And if there's more sneaking up on us.
  7. ughh this freakin storm is kicking my a$$!! go away! i wanna celebrate my bday damnit!

    update me speedy when you talk to DH!!

    Get ready Val.. Youre gonna freeeeeeze!!
  8. Okay, DH gave me a printout for Hawaii.. this is from the airport in Honolulu.

    Partly cloudy from Monday to Thursday, highs in the 80's, lows in the 70's. 20% chance of rain. (Can I sneak in your luggage???) Thursday and Friday, scattered showers, same temps, 30% chance of rain. Saturday (the 12th) mostly sunny, 10% chance of rain, 75 degrees high, 69 degrees low. Sunday and Monday. partly cloudy and 75/68, 0% chance of rain.

    Again, this is for the area around the Honolulu airport! If you are going to a different island, it may be a bit different!

    Oh, and HAVE FUN!
  9. thanks speeedy!! i heard it was nice there, my friend is coming home tonight and she said it was really mice there. and my uncle just came back from surfing and he said it was great. sooooo, hopefully it stays that way!!
  10. Sorry to hear this is happening to you. Sorry it messed up your b-day plans, happy B-day BTW. But hey, at least there is no fire right???
    Remember how lucky we all are. I hope no one gets hurt this time. Have fun in Hawai!!
  11. My boyfriend wouldn't mind but I would go insane if we had no electricity for a day. I hope everything works out and have fun in Hawaii!
  12. I heard the storm is crazy up north. My parents live up there, but luckily they didn't lose their electricity. Stay safe and dry!
  13. omg i'm glad you're ok! I have missed you girl! don't ever do that to me again, LOL
  14. Be safe, everyone! After our big storm in December 2006, many of us were without power 7-10 days or longer, and that's in the close-in suburbs of Seattle.

    To this day I will NEVER take hot food and heat for granted again. Even over a year later. And internet access? What a luxury, seriously!!
  15. Aww, anytime hon. You just have a great time. I've never been, although my mother's last nursing assignment was at Trippler, the military hospital on Ohau.

    It was nice here today, although very cold for California, lower 40's to lower 30's at night. I know I sound like a wuss here, but dang! I am not used to this cold! BRRR!