Withdrawing funds from Paypal

  1. Question about Paypal: they only let you take out $500 per month. So do they go by the actual month like everybody else on the planet or do they have a some weird system of their own? Because it's a new month and they won't let me withdraw my money.

    I emailed Paypal this am but they haven't answered yet.:confused1:
  2. I think it is determined by the day the account was opened, that would be the day when your new month starts. For example, if your account was opened on Dec 15, your new month would start on Feb 15 or something like that.
  3. Gotcha.
  4. it actually tells you when you do the withdraw if im not mistaken
  5. ^ You can lift the limit by entering your SSN or there's another option as well. :flowers:
  6. Yes- what she said. You should lift you limit! It is really easy and only take a sec. Then you have no limit as to what you can withdraw/ transfer etc.. That was one of the first things I did.
  7. ^ yep, I lifted the limit on mine... so glad I did.