With your help, I found a bag for niece

  1. Awhile ago I asked you nice ladies about styles that would be good for young women, since I know little about Chanel except that it's beautiful! I decided on the medium size black classic flap in lambskin; the chain is the traditional style rather than the newer style. I'd post a pic but it's gift-wrapped and you all know what that style looks like. I hope she loves it as much as I did when I looked at it.

    There were so many bags that I loved. There were some bags in the absolute softest leather I've ever felt. They had rather heavy chain handles. Another style I loved was a med. size flap bag in creamy white, not quilted, with a small pocket on the right outside of the bag and the CC's are on the left at an angle. Loved it so much.:drool:

    If you recall, I mentioned a second niece and what to get her; plans sort of changed--she's 7 mo. pregnant and is having a very bad time, bed rest for now; I decided to get her some things to make her more comfortable; maybe a small bag, but she has more pressing needs right now.:sad:

    Thanks a million for all the suggestions!! I took my printed list from the thread with me and looked at as many as I could find!:yes:
  2. Can you be my auntie:smile: That was sweet of you, what a great gift.
  3. That was sooo nice of you! I hope your neice loves the bag!
  4. Wow Pat, that was so nice. I am sure she will love it. And knowing how big your heart is, I know that you really enjoyed giving it to her..:heart:
  5. You are a very sweet aunt!
  6. You're all so kind. I really do get much pleasure giving these sweet girls some things they'd otherwise never have. You had such good ideas for me,too.
  7. Aww, that's so sweet... I'm sure your niece will love it, especially because of the kind gesture, in addition to the beauty of a classic Chanel bag! :smile:

  8. You are sooo sweet :girlsigh: I'm sure she'll love it!!!
    Hope your niece and her baby will be better... btw I'm up for adoption...
  9. ^LOL!!

    it wouldnt hurt me also to get another aunty:p

    im sure ur niece would love it!:smile: and i hope the other one would feel better soon...and also the baby.hehe
  10. What a wonderful gift! Great choice. I hope to be able to give my neice some nice Chanel handbags someday but right now she's a 10 year old tomboy!
  11. You're one lovely Aunt!... She's sooo lucky!
  12. I want an aunt like you!!!
  13. you are such a nice auntie!!! Its lucky to have u as auntie! Can you be mine?? keke
  14. Your niece is sooooo lucky!
  15. boxermom, good to see you here too! What I would give to have an aunt like you, not only kind hearted & generous but purse-loving as well. :lol: