with your help, I finally have a KOOBA! (PICS)

  1. hi ladies!

    just wanna thank you all for helping me pick my first kooba...it's the Charlie in Black! i got her on sale on Shopbop.com for only $430 and it has been one of the best bag purchases i have ever made...

    i absolutley love the leather on this bag, it's so soft and smooshy yet i can feels it's durabilty. and the black has a great sheen to it also. what's great about this style is the versatility...I love how I can carry it 4 diff ways!! it is the PERFECT bag for me for shopping, for dressing up of dressing down, when I wanna shop hands free etc...:yes:

    i hope to get more koobas in the future!!! i'm leaning towards a Dylan or something in the same family in eggplant! enjoy the pics!!:tup:
    DSC04197.JPG DSC04214.JPG DSC04219.JPG DSC04220.JPG DSC04224.JPG
  2. Awesome!! I just ordered this bag from Shopbop too, at the same price, only in luggage! Congrats.

    How long did it take to get to you, btw? I assume you got free shipping? :smile:
  3. hi jane! yes I got the free shipping too...the wait seemed like forever to me only because you can't help but be so excited to receive a new bag :shrugs: but I ordered the bag on a Sat and got it on a Friday...so 1 week, which I guess is expected for UPS ground right?? well, post pics of your charlie luggage when you get her!
  4. Good to know since we both live in the bay area and I ordered mine yesterday. I am having mine shipped to my work and Friday is my LAST DAY :yahoo:
  5. Beautiful bag and she looks wonderful on you! :yahoo:
  6. wow....your pics are making me regret i never got a charlie!!! beautiful! enjoy!
  7. Congrats again, ajamesgrly! It looks great on you!
  8. CONGRATS!! Looks amazing on you!
  9. Congrats on a great purchase!
  10. Lovely! :tup::heart:
  11. Those pictures are great and the bag is FABULOUS! :yahoo:Congratulations! I am looking to find my first KOOBA.
  12. very nice! Makes me want a Kooba even more!!!! :p
  13. I love it, I am on the hunt for one for myself now!
  14. That is one beautiful bag and it looks to be just the right size for you. I haven't given the Charlie much thought...until now. Add that to my list...a Charlie in black! Congrats!
  15. How gorgeous!:heart: Looks fab on you!