With your handbags, do you get matching wallets for each?


Where do you stand with bag/wallet matching?

  1. My bags and wallets must match in style (or at least I try when possible)

  2. I have a hard time switching wallets once a year, let alone every time I change my handbag

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  1. A few months ago I fell in love with the Rafe Martinique bag - the gumball print was so charming and fun, I had to have it!
    This bag is even better looking in person. The laminated canvas stands up to anything, and is easily cleaned. All the pockets have magnets attached, so it snaps closed easily and really holds its shape.

    After I bought the bag I was googling around for Rafe stuff (because I can never have enough Rafe) and I came across a matching notebook and matching pen for the bag! Of course I had to have them.



    It really is the most darling combination. My heart broke when Labor Day hit and I had to put the purse back in its dustbag until next March. I live in California, so maybe I'll break it out again on summery day.

    Now all I need is a pair of these matching shoes, and I'll be set. I cannot wait until Spring!
  2. I really like the notebook :smile:
  3. I don't like the 1st shoe. It looks tacky. But I like the rest. ;)
  4. The first shoe is actually a rubber rain shoe - and I'm kicking myself because I didn't buy them when they were on sale at fredflare.com. I'm crossing my fingers they pop up on Ebay soon. If I could find those rain shoes, I would probably comission an umbrella to be made in the same print - does anyone know any company that can do that?
  5. I was never into designer handbags/purses until now, until I finally decided to "invest" in some. I was more of a total shoe freak. Anywho we all know bags can get really really expensive. So do you guys also buy matching wallets for each of your bags in the same designer name OR have a few wallets --designer name or not, that simply coordinates with your bags?

    As for me, I tend to buy matching wallets in the same brand names to my purses. But then they become too costly adding on top of what you purchased. I'm gettin' lazy having to transfer stuff (cards and $$) to the next purse I carry. What do you guys do?
  6. no I don't.... I usually just use my same old wallet.. its a wilson's leather black wallet but now, I am hoping to upgrade, maybe to a prada or dior wallet....
  7. No. I have a coach zip-around wallet that I adore and it goes everywhere my higher-end bags go.
  8. I don't match my wallet with any of my handbag. I was using a Coach wallet but I just bought a Gucci wallet and that'll just have to go with all my handbags then. lol
  9. I have a few LV wallets that I've stragetically purchased to coordinate with my majority of my LV bags. I used to switch wallets whenever I switched handbags, but it got too tiring. Now, I have a good chance of any given wallet coodinating with at least 5 bags.
  10. I do have some expensive wallets to match my bags e.g. Gaucho and wallet and my Epi red wallet matches my B-bags. At least the colours have to match but I'm very lazy to change my stuff so I actually keep using my Gaucho wallet mostly because it is black.
  11. I never match my wallets to my bag. It would be too much of a pain to have to switch my wallet out when I changed handbags.
  12. no. i use my LV french wallet that i have had for 10 years (when it only cost $200 something). inflation.:hrmm:
  13. To each his own - but I have to admit that it never even occurred to me to match my bag and wallet. That would require me to get up earlier. Anyone who knows me will testify that I get out of bed at the last possible moment each day :lol: .
  14. I think it would be a pain switching credit cards and photos...and all of the other little what not's each time I change bags.