With who do I share my love for LV ?

  1. Bonjour !!! I go everyday on tPF, mostly on LV and I can see there are lots of other "habitués" or "frequent visitors", that I sort of know now (know what I mean ?), so it would be cool if everyone could say a little something to present themselves !!!
    Since we "sort of know" each other:graucho:

    Here I´ll start : my name is Cynthia (call me Cyn), I´m french but I currently live in Denmark where I moved for my dream job. I´m a Designer, have an unusual fascination for LV among my friends (they don´t get it...LV=what??)that started 3 years ago w. Murakami.
    I´m 28, have basically the same hairstyle than Emily the Strange in my avatar, I live with my BF, no kids.
    Other than handbags, I :heart: toys and vinyl figures, hello Kitty etc...and product design, trends in fashion, going out with friends, travelling all over the world, have fun !!!

    Your turn
  2. My name is Monique, I just turned 20, I'm a student at the University of Sydney in sunny Australia, and I bought my first LV piece today, a Mono Speedy 30. I live in a Jewish College (even though I'm not Jewish) which is fantastic and I have an enormous, new room. I work for Sportscraft, a mens'/womens' brand, right in the heart of the City. Oh, and I'm also a student pilot. :smile:
  3. Hello Cyn,

    nice to mee to you :flowers:

    My real name is Mara and I'm 23. I live in Hagen, Germany together with my beloved boyfriend of 4 years and 9 months Martin and our two adorable cats, Minerva and Guinevere (Minnie & Ginny). I'm starting my 7th semester of law school this fall and at the moment I'm doing an internship at the Chamber of Commerce (which is kinda boring and gives me lots of time to browse the Pf boards:P). For my "spending money" I work at a local make-up store.

    Usually I'm not THAT much of a luxury shopper (love H&M, MNG, Second Hand Stores, etc), but when it comes to LV I just can't stop myself. I became a fan when the Murakami line first came out and have been following ever since. Among my friends for some reason I'm the only one passionate about Vuitton :shrugs: Most of them wouldn't spend that much $$$ on a bag. But to be honest, I don't care. I let them wear what they like, they let me wear what I like.

    Besides bags and the Purseforum, I :heart: LOVE :heart: Music and Movies. Way too muc to list here, but think along the lines of Rock, Britpop, etc (Franz Ferdinand, Babyshambles/Libertines, The Killers, Oasis, Marilyn Manson, Mand Diao, The Clash, Beatles, .... just to name a few) and, well actually I'll watch everything that comes my way (favs include: Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking barrels, Equilibrium, Fight Club, Interview with a Vampire, Big Fish, Trainspotting, Laurel Canyon, and pretty much everything with Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor, :drool: no matter how bad the movie is ;))

    That's it from me for. If you have any questions and just feel like talking, hit me up on ICQ or drop me a line via Email! I love to meet new people.

    BTW: I'll be in Vegas from 11/19 until 11/29! Anyone, else?!
  4. I'm Jennifer and I am American. I am 25 years old with a Masters in psychology. I live in Boston, Ma and am currently employed by the government (Thats right my fellow US citizens I am here to serve you. I am where your tax dollars go. Thank you very much for your contributions). I have been addicted to handbags since i was about 13. Within the past 2 years, I have become entranced by LV and do not see my self ever turning back. Apart from work and LV, I love to travel. I would love to get back to France, Italy and England in the near future and want to see Australia, Japan and Thailand. I also love sports. Baseball (red sox), american football (patriots), football/soccer (arsenal). Hockey (bruins). College football (BC, my alma mater). I have a 15 month old niece that I worship and adore. If having your own child is anything like the kind of love i have for her I can see why women continue having babies. I would do anything for her. I think that's it. lol
  5. LOL.. This thread is not a bad idea, but I believe there's something similiar in on of the general forums called "Who the hell are you" or something to that extent.

    In any case, my name is Tina, I'm Chinese and I live in NYC and I'm 27 years old. I work in a medical office and I live with my parents. My bf and I are saving up to one day begin a future together. My obsession with LV didn't turn full blown until I joined tPF, and now I've found great friends/advisors (of handbags) through this forum. My greatest hobby is shopping, which is terrible when your trying to save, needless to say, I don't really get anywhere with that.. I have 2 dogs (Gizmo & Bella) that are the funniest things alive and I love them to death. Plus I have about 100 pairs of shoes.. don't even get started with the clothes. I normally shop at Gap and Banana Republic. Express is one of my favorite stores!! As for shoes, I really really would love to own a pair of Manolos pne day, but I have this insane theory that every time you take a step in a $600 pair of shoes, your rubbing off a dollar!!! But I LOVE the shoes Carrie lost in SATC!!! *sigh* I love to read and watch DVD's, and I LOVE to bake.. my other favorite store is Crate & Barrel!! I haven't traveled the world yet, but would love to one day!!
  6. HI Girls !!
    Tina, I know there is a similar thread on the general forum, but it´s sooo long !!
    I thought it would be cool to know the members who specifically like to be on the LV sub-forum !

    Monique, congrats on your speedy, yeah !!

    Mara, we share the same tastes on shopping and music !!! Britpop !

    Jennifer, woaw you´re a sporty girl ! so funny (where the tax goes he he)
  7. My name is Jean, Im 48 and live in Lakeway Texas outside of Austin. Originally from California where I met my soulmate, married two years ago and moved to Texas. Prior to that I was married to my job as a career women as a CEO in the Healthcare field and now I get to stay home and try this new job called "Housewife" So far so good- I asked for a job description before applying and saw on the list allowance for frequent purchases of Louis Vuitton handbags- I applied got the job and LOVE IT!!!
    We have two children an Aussie named Brewster and a kitty named Marlo and two turtles named Dude and Dudette..

    ps. Ladies, please don't forget October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month.
    Please schedule your mamograms...:flowers:
  8. whoa, it's kinda weird to see your name online :shame: so far I've only been Kittie

    btw: love hello kitty and emily as well ... I just ordered a Charmmy Kitty refill for my epi Agenda and am waiting for it to arrive any time soon

    Was thinking about getting that "Emily haircut" a few weeks ago after I saw The Devil Wears Prada, but then just a few days later, my co-worker showed up with that freaking hair-do :sad: :yucky: Bummer! She beat me on that :cursing:
  9. I'm L-O-V-I-N-G it! :heart: That's just too cute :lol:
  10. I'm Stephanie and I like in the US. I am 29 and just got married earlier this year. We have one cat (Harley), no children yet! I work at a University currently, but its not my dream job, but maybe one day I'll find it. Oh well!

    I am addicted to TPF, such a bad addiction! :hysteric: It just makes me want to buy more LV. I got my first LV last year when we went to Las Vegas and I was so excited! My husband got me my second piece of LV to go with my purse. And now I just ordered a new speedy from ELUX to add to my small collection.
  11. Hi My name is kitty, I'm 33 yo, live in Sydney but now in Bkk as my husband comes to work here for a while (could be year or two?). I always like LV but only admired but before came to this forum I told myself this year I got two Petit Noe bag (MC and Mono) and the stam bag that should be enough for me but after came here not for long I bought things in very week (for the past 3 weeks) and thinking about getting the Speedy Mono (as I never have the handheld bag) or Perfo Speedy. Normally, I use shoulder bag as I need a hand free to hold a 3.5 yo. boy and a 14 months girl.

    My job is a housewife, cleaner, nanny, cooker and shopper (the last one is fabulous:heart: the job ha ha) and My DH never have problem with how often I gone to the LV boutique.:lol:
  12. This is a great thread.....

    Hi! My name is Heather and I am a 30yr old American living in Plano, TX (suburb of Dallas). I've been married for 7.5 years and have a 7yr old boy (yep you can do the math!). My husband is a very successful engineer and I am a manager in technology - luckily my paycheck is mostly my spending money. :yahoo:

    I've always liked LV, but really got obsessive about 2 months ago and just recently bought my first bag (Mono Multipli-cite) and several accessories. Now I can't imagine carrying anything else!!!

    I :heart: to scuba dive (hence my handle name), travel, read, dine out, drink wine and of course cruise tPF. I have two dogs and a cat and would keep adding animals if I could! I'm glad to be here and hope to get to know more of you soon!
  13. Hi Everyone!

    My name is Em and I'm from San Diego, CA. I'm 29, have been married for 2.5 years, have a 10 month old adorable son, and am trying to control my love for bags. I've cut down on my LV purchases since my son came along, but I still keep looking and planning for the ONE bag that I must have. I don't know which LV one that is right now, but in terms of accessories, I am currently deciding between the rose koala monogram agenda or, well, not getting it! =)

    I am a counselor and my husband is a programmer--two completely different fields, two completely different personalities! We have interesting/entertaining conversations during our morning and afternoon commute.

    Apart from LV, I also collect Hello Kitty items (for the little girl in me)--more of the rare, limited edition pieces and not so much of the trendy stuff.

    TPF is great and I look forward to getting know everyone else! =)
  14. Hi guys!

    My name is Alma and I currently live in Anna, TX (which is about 45 miles north of Dallas) but i'm originally from Southern California (Riverside County). I grew up my entire life in SoCal but moved out here to Texas last year just for a change and to help my parents with some issues they were having. I have 2 boys named Jacob (2 years) and Brad (6 months) and I am married to my high school sweetheart who finally realized that his wife should buy LV! :yahoo:

    I am currently studying at the Art Institute to get my Bachelors of Science in Fashion and Retail and my husband is gonna start school in the spring to get his Bachelors in comp. software engineering so I know some day my income will feed my shopping habit! :smile: my dream job is to one day work for LV or another high end designer..

    And in my free time when i'm not being a mom or studying I love to shop, shop, and shop which is EXTREMELY hard when we're moving back to California and need the money for more "important" things..We'll see how that goes..
  15. come on ! there must be more girls on board.....;)