With Uggs starting to come back has anyone here started to wear them again?

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Have you been wearing Uggs?

  1. Yes - I never stopped!

  2. Yes - I started within the last few years.

  3. No, But I am curious now!

  4. No, Never to ugly.

  1. We all know that the Ugg craze ended around 2011 after starting around 2005 and during that time girls wore them with everything from skirts to jeans and from the middle of summer to winter. I should know I was one of the first Girls in my high school with a pair and I was in the group of girls that wore them with skirts and shorts my group even wore them once when it was nearly 90 and we were walking around town. Uggs were the perfect storm to take off the way they did. Anyone who has tried a pair on knows because of the soft fur lining and that they are are supposed to be worn without socks they are the warmest and comfiest footwear ever. That combined with the fact they were seen as cool and trendy with every female celebrity wearing them women had and opportunity to choose comfort and wear a relatively ugly boot and still be seen as fashionable.They fell out of favor with the the lie about how they are made being in the news and a push by the men in charge of Hollywood and the media to get women back into uncomfy "sexy clothes" for their enjoyment.

    After they started losing popularity I didn't think they would ever make a come back. I have not stopped wearing them but I wore them less only really on very cold days or days that I just cant be bothered to dress up luckily my office is very casual and no one cares. But around winter 2017 Ugg started to launch some boots that still have the amazing fur lining but are way cuter looking and some don't even look like Uggs at all. All Uggs are now also water resistant and I have not had any trouble wearing them in the snow like old Uggs.

    I bought these when they came out the Ugg Quincy boot and I had so many people say they looked cute and asked what brand they were and didn't believe me when i said Ugg. They are still fully lined with fur so are super comfy.
    Also the Ugg Mckay boot
    Or If you need a more durable type boot there is the Adirondack boot that comes in a short or tall style.I have
    the tall and have worn them all day out snowmobiling and they kept my feet warm and dry and I think they
    even looked cute when we went out to eat after wards. They are still fully lined in fur so I wasn't even wearing socks
    Think my favorite is the Bailey Bow Boots They come in three heights mini, short and tall. They fit and feel just like
    Classic Uggs do but they have one to three bows on the back depending on the size. My favorite is the tall ones
    I think they look so cute they have this fun cute girly look to them. My coworker friend of mine never owned a pair of Uggs always said they were to ugly. Whenever I wore Uggs to work we would always joke and talk about them. She didn't believe how comfy they were until I let her try on my pair but she still said they were just to ugly. Well last winter I bought a pair of these and wore them in to work during the 2 or 3 weeks when it was getting to -50 and for some reason she absolutely loved them she said they were so cute. Well 2 days later she was wearing the pair she bought into work. I guess they just made her inner girly girl come out. and what do you know She wore them every day that week and then she bought a pair of classic talls and wore them in. She told me that she regrets not buying them 15 years ago. she has like 10 pairs now. I couldn't find a good pic of the tall version but here is the short version.
    PS. my BF even loves these. I am thinking about buying him a pair of men Uggs for chistmas. since he always says how comfy they look.

    With the increase in new cute and fashionable styles i have have been seeing more women wear Uggs around town. I think women who have sworn off Uggs to be more fashionable or that have never tried them before should remember the comfort they once enjoyed and try a new style or should have an open mind and look at the new styles that are out today.

    Tell me your opinion on the matter.
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  2. I didn't have any Uggs when i was younger but last year I was eyeing the tall bow style but i resisted. Turns out my BF bought a pair of them for Christmas. Well I love them, as I have gotten older I have wanted more comfort and these are crazy comfy but i also think they are very cute. I have 4 pairs now.
    BTW I didn't believe when you said that they were supposed to be worn without socks. Well I looked it up and WOW it says it on their website https://help.ugg.com/hc/en-us/articles/208204935-Comfort-and-Fit I cant believe i have been wearing socks with them all this time. I have gone without sock to the mailbox and once when i had to rush out to my nieces school and was out for like 4 hours and loved how comfy it was but I didn't want to ruin them so i have always worn socks. Well I am wearing them to class tomorrow and I am 100% not wearing socks.
    Thanks so much for the tip :smile:
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  3. They were originally made to warm up your cold/wet feet after getting out of the water from surfing in Australia.

    If you wear socks, they will last a long longer though since they won’t be subject to as much skin oil and moisture.
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  4. Interesting I didn't even consider that some people wore socks with them. When they first came out there was a card in the box that said not to wear socks and I remember i first heard it from Oprah when she did her piece on them. They were so soft I didn't even consider socks. I had to use Oprah to convince my mom to let me go without socks. Every girl that i knew in my school also went without socks. When ever a new girl got a pair we would make sure they knew to go barefoot.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with them falling off in popularity. Since they are way less comfy with socks and if people don't know and wear socks with them they would have a lesser feeling towards their comfort and not wear them as much.

    I am glad I could help you with them. Tell me how you liked wearing them barefoot for the whole day and also spread the word about it.
  5. Funny you mention Oprah. Uggs were on her list of favorite things many many years ago and I bought them. They are 2 toned in color. I still have them! You can’t kill these things. I always wore with socks. I’m guessing they are about 13 years old. I don’t wear too often but will still pull them out on a really cold day.
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  6. I don't know about them lasting longer. Mine last 3+ years no problem wearing them without socks. I usually only get rid of a pair if the bottom wears out which would be the same with or without socks. No odor ever develops and the fur always stays soft. which is amazing seeing as I had a tall pair in High school that I wore in place of sandals during a whole summer. That pair is still at my parents house in my old closet along with a few other pairs because i didn't have the room to bring all my pairs to college. I tried it on the other day and the inside fur still felt brand new.
  7. I remember my best friend had a pair of the two tone style I also remember a girl using a marker or maybe paint to color a pair rainbow. Mine don't last 13 years because i wear them a lot. So you have never tried them without socks?
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  8. I never wore without socks. I don’t wear as often now but they were worn a lot even in snow. The only thing that happened is one of the laces broke. It’s pretty remarkable how long they have lasted and I’ll still wear them this winter.
  9. They are perfect to wear with a pair of Lululemon yoga pants, while sipping on a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks, holding your LV mini pochette. :lol:

    PS: I have a strong opinion on the matter!
  10. The Quincy boots are my all time favorite. They are great and go with everything!
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  11. Emily, do you by chance work for Uggs? :lol:

    I can’t even read this without getting the heebies. Don’t wear socks? Bare sweaty feet. In warm ugly booties. Arrggghhh

    I’m really sorry for being a downer but they are like hot little furry prisons for your feet!
  12. Lol, no I don't work for Ugg I just really like them! Have you actually tried a pair of Uggs on?.
    Also Uggs actually are supposed to be worn barefoot since they are made of sheepskin which has special properties.

    1. Sheepskin when against bare skin naturally regulates body temperature. This means your feet will stay a stable comfortable temperature from -30F even as high 80F. This is how sheep don't overheat.
    2. If you are wearing them in a hot room or doing something very physical and your feet do sweat they will still not smell because each hair is made to wick away any moisture then because sheepskin is very breathable even though it doesn't seem to be it will evaporate. If there is any left then sheep skin is also antimicrobial so the bacteria that produces smell has a hard time surviving. So even if all that fails and you wear them for two weeks straight all you have to do is give them a two day break and they will be good as new.
    Both of these things can’t work if you wear socks. So, your foot will get much hotter than it needs to be and start sweating. The wicking process also has trouble working if you have a damp sock in your boot. which can cause them to smell. It can also in really cold weather cause the boots to not be anywhere near as warm because it prevents the insulating properties from working. I have proof that this all works because mine, my friends and my daughters Uggs don't smell after Years of wearing them without socks.
    other closed toe shoes you 100% should wear socks because they will 100% smell without but Uggs are one of those weird exceptions to a rule that we all get to enjoy the comfort of. Personally I love the feel of the soft fur between my toes and I would not wear Uggs if you were supposed to wear socks with them. Or I would just go without and let them smell fore the comfort they are that comfortable.
  13. I know! people don't believe they are Uggs when i tell them.
  14. I don't think Uggs can be called basic anymore. At a time Yes 100% but that was when they only came in two colors and two heights and every girl had a pair. now a days way less women have pairs and there are so many styles that don't even look like the classic style they are not. Every girl has a pair of yoga pants and the only real difference between them is color they are 100% basic.
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  15. Yup. I’ve tried a pair. Horrible things. I couldn’t even read your post without curling my toes. :lol:

    And I still suspect they are paying you. :amuse:
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