With these shoes, I thee wed....

  1. Hi everyone! I know I've not been around much of late - been busy with this and that with the occassional lurk here and there :ninja: but this thread is living proof that even when you're not really around, your CL angels are hard at work and always there for you, even when you might not be paying as much attention and are least expecting it....

    So before I get to the reveal, my CL angel Jenn deserves a HUGE tpf group hug - she basically acted on instinct while I was not around to act myself and thank god she did - because her quick thinking and enormous thoughtfulness only bagged me my WEDDING SHOES (in case you hadn't got that from the thread title :p) for my forthcoming wedding next September... at a very budget-friendly 40% off!! :yahoo:

    And now onto the pics! I'm not one for a hugely dragged out reveal, don't worry, although I did have to take this first one as the shoes arrived all beautifully wrapped in red foil paper with a lovely little message card attached - sooo cute (and it clearly fooled Customs... muuhhaahahaha)!

    Presenting my 'pearl' Nookas
    Photo0109.jpg Photo0116.jpg Photo0111.jpg Photo0113.jpg Photo0114.jpg
  2. I love the colour of these - Jenn had warned me that they were darker IRL than what we know to be a 'pearl' colour but it actually looks pretty close to what would be 'nude' for my skin tone - bonus!!

    More pics! The last one shoes my kitty Willow even loving them!
    Photo0119.jpg Photo0120.jpg Photo0118.jpg
  3. Congrats on getting your wedding shoes! They are lovely.

    and Jenn- you are one of the sweetest and kindest ladies I've ever "met"... you're amazing!!! :woohoo:
  4. oh, WOW, leeschan! i just LOVE these tPF stories. your wedding shoes are magnificent and look beautiful on you. what am amazing pair of shoes for your wedding and what an amazing gesture from jenn! congratulations! you will look absolutely stunning. :yahoo:
  5. The shoes are so amazing!

    Way to go Jenn!!!!!
  6. Lees, they are beautiful. Just beautiful. I am so glad you decided to go for the Nooka in the end because they look perfect on you. Cant wait to see them with the dress. When i'm down your way next i am so seeing these beauties IRL!!! ;)

    Jenn, your just gorgeous for doing what you did.
  7. Ohhhhh gorgeous! Jenn you are a total sweetheart!
  8. Beautiful shoes Leescah !! :love: :faint::faint:
  9. Congrats, Leescah! And another shout out to Jenn, who truly is a sweetie! I love the Nooka! That color is amazing and will be perfect for your wedding! Beautiful!
  10. YAY congrats!!! they are gorgeous!!
  11. Oh Lees....they are just stunning! So lovely and classic!:love:

    Jenn-What a sweetheart you are! I know you were so excited to find them for Lees! That was so thoughtful.:flowers:
  12. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I'm freaking ecstatic right now. First of all, I cannot believe they got there so fast - I only mailed them on Friday! I've been on the edge of my seat waiting to see if you would love them, and then I pop over here for the first time this morning and the very first thread is your shoes!

    They look stunning on you - I knew they'd be perfect on your skin tone as soon as I saw them! They're going to be amazing wedding shoes, and they'll look perfect with any dress you wind up picking. I'm so happy I was able to help you, so that Matt can marry a girl who looks like the princess she is!

    And the rest of you, thanks, you're too sweet! I seriously think I was more excited for this than most of the shoes I've ordered for myself!
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    Thank you so much rilo, yaya, noah, savvy, lula, dani, surly, imma, and authentic! I am really so pleased with them - Jenn had even sent me over measurements before shipping them out to me so we could be sure that they'd fit - which they do, perfectly! :love:
  14. Oh, and did the wrapping really fool customs? I thought it might help!
  15. :love::hugs::smooch::love: Jenn seriously just thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!! There is nothing more I can say - you really are an absolute ANGEL xxxxxxxxxx

    ETA: yup no customs charges in sight... a perfect ending hehe!!