With the end of the collab approaching

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  1. Are you buying more Toki than you did before? I find myself buying MUCH more, both in stores and on eBay and LJ. I am justifying it by telling myself that it won't be readily available soon and once news of the collab ending spreads to the somewhat less obsessed fans, prices will start to climb even higher on eBay. I especially seem to have a problem with buying Denaros. I'm thinking even if Simone does a new line, there may not be small accessories like denaros and portas. Then again, maybe there will be something even cuter. I don't know though, because I am not a fan of the european release bags.
  2. Actually I have always been opposite. I always would buy a bag from like Macys and end up returning it because I didn't like the retail price. But I would always catch a good deal from a friend or a store.
  3. kinda and kinda not? I ended up buying all the bags I really wanted (which is like 5 total lol) and now I think I'm satisfied with the tokis I have....so I guess it made me want to get the bags I wanted before prices are jacked up but I haven't started wanting everything I see....yet =P
  4. I want to buy more bags b/c I might never be able to find them! ... but I feel like they are more expensive now.. I dont know.. ive been eyeing a mamma mia original print thats about 100$ right now.. but its used! It just seems like everythings getting pricy on eBay. :smash:
  5. I'm done. I'm selling all the ones I don't use anymore...
  6. i'm pretty much set... aside from the dolces I need to find... a few HTF styles I have yet to get. That's it. So no big hurry for me.