With the Big 33 Birthday looming, I get to choose a new bag... help!

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  1. Hello fellow LVoers! My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and as a gift from my sweet family I'm getting to choose a new bag. I'm really thinking the Venus, but I also love the new Alma B'N'B, the lovely Phenix, the Estrela, Kensington, Greenwich and the new Epi Denim NF, among others, though I have 6 Neverfulls :shame: so help me decide which to choose! I'm staying away from vachetta nowadays and I've been buying a lot of epi and empreinte as well as other leathers, but the monogram and black trim just sings to me! I do want the denim NF because I wear a lot of denim here in Florida and it's great for the approaching rainy season, but I'll be going to NYC again this summer and could always get it then whereas I don't know how long the Venus Noir will l be available as they're quite hard to get. My mom thinks I need the Mews. Attached are pics of my considerations. Thank you all for your input :flowers: nobody has killer style like you TPF ladies!

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  2. Tough choice as you have a bunch of my favorites listed! I'm really liking the Venus though, I might have to pick that one.
  3. I'd choose the Mews if it's still available.
  4. Mews :smile:
  5. Retiro,Estrela or denim Neverful.Im not judging but Venus looks like twice,montaigne and retiro had a baby :smile:
  6. Phenix️️
  7. I'd pick Estrela or Kensington but tough call! Have fun choosing.
  8. The Mews if you can still find one but if not then the Estrela looks both beautiful and comfortable. Good luck deciding!
  9. Venus, alma or Greenwich. Narrowed down a bit i guess! :P
  10. Tough choice, but I vote Venus...have you tried them all on yet?
  11. Alma B&B or Mews
  12. I like the Retiro. I tried it on and it seemed like a great bag as long as the size doesn't bother you I would go for it.
  13. Toss up between B'n'B, Retiro and Mews. You'll need to try the B'n'B in store though since it's not the same shape or size of a regular Alma. I haven't seen enough of the Venus to comment.
  14. greenwich all the way, so super classic. love the take of luggage as a purse!!

  15. Wow we have the same tastes i wish you would have added prices. I love that retiro look.