With release of Grey Inclusion, your thoughts on a ring!!??

  1. I've been considering getting an inclusion piece for a little while now, but when I saw the grey inclusion on lvmh...I think I must have one!!!!!! They're fabulous! I'm not much for wearing bracelets and wonder what you think of the rings? Do you think they look "inexpensive" or too "young" for this old gal of 42??????
    Let me know what you think!!!!:confused1:
  2. the rings are gorgeous and they definitely do not look cheap. i'm also thinking about going to the boutique tomorrow to check how they look..

    i don't have a ring but i got myself 3 inclusion bracelets. i think the problem with the rings is that they are more prone to scratches than the bracelet and they can get a little bulky for the fingers. but still pretty! LOL. why not try one at the boutique?
  3. the grey inclusion items are real nice... its my fav among other colours...
    Yes go for it and dun worry about the age thing...its definitely a must have.. the grey is a classic & timeless colour:tup::love:i'm so much in love with this too!
  4. I still can't get myself into the inclusion jewellery - it looks nice on everyone else, but on me I swear it looks like bubbles !!!

    Go in and try it !
  5. I have not seen the ring, but the grey braclet is gorgeous!! I can't wait to get my hands on it! If you like it go for it! I don't think they look in expensive, far from it.
  6. they are reall quality pieces, you should definitely get it!
  7. LVoe it !!!
  8. Inclusion's pretty. I like the bracelets & phone accessories. I tried the rings on and with my small hands they really look big on me. Try them on first is my suggestion.
  9. I think you will rock the ring well! ;)
  10. Those rings are gorgeous. I almost bought the amarante, but just didn't look good on my hands for some reason. I'm sure it'll be awesome on yours!
  11. Ok, now I am sufficiently enabled!!!! Called closest LV and they had no idea ????? and second closest (atlantic city) said November...:wtf: I thought I'd read October here somewhere!!! Waaah, now I have to obsess until November...don't know if I'll make it!!!
    Any other info????
  12. 42 is not too old for anything! Go for it!
  13. Well the gray isn't out yet, this is why they don't have info. Some stores don't exactly pay attention to the look books and are just surprised with the items when they receive them. The release should be this month still though.
  14. i don't have any inclusion pieces either but after seeing pictures i am actually considering getting one but am wondering if i will regret it later since i've never spent over $200 on a bracelet unless it was real gold. T_T