With all this modern chain chatter, I have a question--grey or brown??

  1. I love the glazed leathers, and I know that brown is glazed, but is the gray. Two tpf'ers have posted theirs and both are gorgeous. So, which is more versatile?? I have a black Chanel, but no brown--so brown maybe. Decisions, decisions (and that is assuming I could find both/either)
  2. Tough one. I've been on a hunt for a great brown bag. But that grey is funky and fun too! Swanky had a good point. The brown would probably transition really well from day to night. Casual enough for day and rich enough for night. Don't get me wrong, I love the grey too. Ok, let me go look again. Sheesh!

    My fav color with this edgy chain is the red though.

    What are you thinking M?
  3. OK--I want you to get the red. Call my Saks and get it for double points next week!!

    I am thinking that I should add a brown. I am very into grey, but I need a beautiful brown.

    Will the MC be going up in price, though? I will forever kick myself if I don't get another classic before the price increase.
  4. Oh Gawd, don't even ask me what I spent this week! "I'll think about that tomorrow!" in my best Scarlett O'Hara voice! But that red is tempting me!

    I love the glazing on the brown. Very unique. Hey, what color are your new boots?
  5. I have yet to see a photo of the brown glazed caviar MC. Does anyone have it? I don't think that leather comes in grey. My fall 06 MC is dark grey which looks like a dark taupe brown IRL. I call it brown; I can't see any grey anywhere!
  6. Roey, here's the brown:

    Could this be the grey?

    And the bag that started it all:
  7. Pretty!! Thanks Sherry! I'd love to see the brown on the tote; I heard it was very dark, almost black.
  8. All 3 colors are so pretty! I'm loving this bag in the brown for an everyday bag!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  9. I saw the brown mc tote and loved it! The color was like a chocolate brown. Gorgeous!...just too expensive.

  10. Yup, my fall 07 shiny caviar MC in dark grey looks dark charcoal brown to me. Not grey at all.
    But the other MC flap on the photos above does look grey though.

  11. Which pearls are those?
  12. I love the MC flap to pieces...what's this I hear about a double points day? Hmmph I'm going to need to get a Saks card too :wtf:

  13. Here is my mc brown.
  14. They grey is so gorgeous, but I am a sucker for chocolate brown. Spylove, thanks for the close-up, it is amazing!
  15. Anytime :smile: