With all these choices I am the most indecisive person in the world!!

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  1. Ok, you guys are going to think Im a nut. But as a true Virgo, we sometimes have a hard time making decisions. :noggin:

    I want Steel Desperately! And couldnt decide if I wanted Regular or Giant Silver Hardware. Well.....after pining over these choices I decided I must have both! So here are the options:

    Steel City RH and Steel Work GSH
    Steel City RH and Steel Weekender GSH
    Steel Twiggy RH and Steel Work GSH

    I am already on the list for a Steel City with RH and I think Daphne is going to kill me if I change my mind!

    Im aslo getting a Black Day with GSH. I'll have 4 or 5 black bags and 2 white so why not 2 steel if I love it?!

    Thanks everybody. This will be my last steel post I swear! (Other than when I get to show it off :yes:)
  2. Maybe I should have made this a poll!:Push: Looking for a little advice on my combo choices, what do you guys think would be the most versatile?

    Steel City with RH + Steel Work with GSH
    Steel City with RH + Steel Weekender with GSH
    Steel Twiggy with RH + Steel Work with GSH

    Thanks ladies and gents!
  3. city with rh
  4. steel city or twiggy with RH. i'm on the list myself for both the city and the work in steel with RH, so i obviously can't make up my mind either! :P
  5. BTW - i wanna smooch your avatar dog! he is so cute - is that a boxer or pit? so adorable :love:
  6. Steel Twiggy RH and Steel Work GSH
  7. Twiggy twiggy twiggy :yes:
  8. Thats my adorable baby girl. :heart: Best dog ever and yes shes a pittie, I adopted her from the Humane Society.
  9. so super cute, he's drool worthy!!!!
  10. Definitely Twiggy RH and Work GSH!!!
  11. RH city and SGH work just because for me weekender is too big for much use. so for me this would be the most versatile combo.
  12. Ok, i decided that the weekender is out of the running. So now its down to:

    RH City and GSH Work


    RH Twiggy and GSH Work

    Do you guys think the city and work are too close in style? One thing to keep in mind is I have nooo cities and 2 twiggys​
  13. Thats funny cause she thinks the sushi Im eating right now is drool-worthy :drool: Shes a little piggy this one.
  14. RH twiggy and GSH work. Lately, I've been obsessed with twiggies. If you already have both a city and a twiggy, I would get the twiggy. But if you have one and not the other, I would get the one you don't have yet. I like both styles and think you should have at least one of each. KWIM?
  15. City and Work!