With all the talk about the Wii...I think I want one too!

  1. Hey ya'll,

    Was at Media Markt (German version of Best Buy) today, and...I saw the Wii. Not outside of the packaging, but I saw that they had a ton of them available. I was looking at the packaging and it looked veeeeeeery interesting and it was tough not to take it home with me! lol

    So...Now I need your opinions:

    1. Do you like the Wii? What is the controler like? Is it that little remote control looking thing? That must be hard to get used to!

    2. How is Wii Sports? The one at Media Markt comes with Wii Sports. I've seen the commercials and it looks like fun!

    3. Is it worth it? I was looking at the games - and they look really expensive (around 50 EUR per game! :wtf:)

    I'm thinking I might want one of these rather than a new handbag for my birthday, lmao
  2. I want one too! Actually, I want one for my boyfriend, his birthday is in August and he wants one sooooo bad, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I don't want to pay a fortune, either.

    Anyhow, I've asked two of my (male) friends who have them, and they say they love them and they are worth the money.
  3. I have a Wii and I love it. I actually waited all night in the parking lot of Wal Mart for it when it first came out. The motion control is actually really natural feeling and there isnt much of a learning curve when it comes to the controls. Its also not tiring, as you dont need to do big exaggerated movements. Although you can, if you want ;) I often find myself flailing my arms around and it can be quite dangerous to get within a 4 ft radius of me..I'm apt to wack you LOL.

    I'm a die hard Ninendo fan so it was totally worth it. The games are kinda $$ but if you wait a few months they often go on sale so theyre pretty affordable after that. That and the online game library is getting bigger every day and those games are pretty inexpensive. They dont utilize the motion control tho, you need to get a classic controller or you can use the game cube controllers if you got them.

    All in all...its fun :tup:
  4. Yep, this is on our holiday gift list.
    It's a for-sure.
    From what I understand though, it's expensive to buy the supplemental games but the sports package that comes with it is really fun...
  5. I got a Wii around the time it first came out and it took me until now to really get into it. I didn't really see how it could be that much fun, but when I finally sat down to play the other day it was amazing! The controls weren't as hard to get as I initially thought they would be. You should get one! Games aren't too expensive, around par with ps3 and new 360 games.
  6. 1. Do you like the Wii? What is the controler like? Is it that little remote control looking thing?
    I bought one for my boyfriend in April and he nearly passed out from glee! We both LOVE playing it! As far as the remotes the one that looks like a TV remote is like the main one to play games with but other games require other remotes like the classic controller.
    2. How is Wii Sports?
    Wii sports is loads of fun! My favorite is the bowling!
    3. Is it worth it?
    Well worth it...you can buy older games like the very first Mario Bros. and you can surf the net on your TV (if you have wireless in your home) All in all my bf, i and his family and our friends have had so much fun with it these past few months.
  7. That's great to hear!! So the Wii is compatible with older games too?? I haven't had a Nintendo in forever - I have a DS, but I mean the big systems - ever since the original nintendo came out, lmao :smile:

    So I would be able to buy games that were out all the way back to Game Cube?
  8. The Wii can take gamecube disks. All the older games are available on the online store - you purchase points from retailers and use those to 'buy' the games, which you then download onto your console. You have to have some sort of internet connection though to use the Wii connect option.
  9. We have wireless, so it should work :smile: If it can't go into wireless, then I guess I can hook it up to the router if I need to download something. I'm so excited about the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :biggrin:
  10. My son has it and it is so much fun! He and I love to play the bowling game!
  11. My birthday is 6 days away and I asked my fiance for a Wii.