With all the Miroir sightings, does anyone have a pic?

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  1. I went so far as to look on Flickr but didn't see anyone posting any pics of the Miroir bags.

    Since everyone else has seen it, can anyone post pics? Apparently there's one on display at the Union Sq. store ?

  2. I guess not :lol:
  3. ^:roflmfao:
  4. Poufiasse I love your threads/post, there always so humorous!
  5. They are not actually on display. It has been quite cloak and dagger...lol...they have been showing them to people, on the side or even in the back rooms.

    My SA called me twice to come and look...I know I am high on the list...what she told me yesterday was, they are so limited they are trying to get everything they have on hand committed to, and rung up as fast as they can on the 1st, that way they may get restocked. Usually if you are high on the list, they will call you and you have 3 days to come and look and decide if you want it.
    I am going to try and go in tomorrow and take a peak...otherwise I authorized her charge my card, to get what I want....I figured I can always return it, if I don't like it ;)
  6. I saw it inside the LV office. According to the SA, the waiting list is sooo long.
  7. My boutique hasn't gotten them as of yet, but my SA says that they will and I'm the only one who has asked about them so far. I've been on the list at the Houston boutique since the beginning but I really would like to see them before I commit.
  8. I hate to say it, she is fibbing...all stores have them already, and probably aready all allocated. I know several people have been told, they are not it yet...this is the stock answer, what they should say, is they are not released yet.

    And when you call on the first, you'll be told, they came in but immediatly sold out...because technically that will be true.

    That's why my SA called again on yesterday...she was beating around the bush, but I totally got her point, even though I was high on the list, if I did not authorize her to charge my card, I would not get one.

    The wait list is subjective and not guarenteed.
  9. Yes, I am pretty certain the LV Galleria location has them in from what I have heard...
  10. Yeah I think my store has them as well. The only picture of an actual person with one is one I just saw today and posted on the celeb thread, only to find that Matt had already posted it lol. It's Janet Jackson with the Alma:
  11. I wish we get them here faster! :yes:

  12. I agree .. for what I have heard NONE have arrived in Aus yet:confused1: I would like to see a true photo;)
  13. does that mean one can line up outside and buy one even if we are not on the list? since the list is subjective. and a customer who is there in the flesh is there to buy it. just wondering, kinda like the people waiting in life for PS3 , Wii, and all those lines on BF. :yes:
  14. We can only wait! :hysteric:
  15. Yeah I was at Union Square during the weekend and they had silver alma, silver papillon, and gold pochette (SUPER SUPER THIN!!!).