With all the fuss about this new Pomme d'Amour....

  1. Do we know how to pronounce it?

    I keep trying to tell people this color and have NO IDEA how to really say it.

  2. C comme ca.... lol

    POM DA-MOO-[R]

    *square brackets for rolling your hard Rs (not the soft Rs eg Italian)
  3. haha confusing!
  4. :yes: :yes:
  5. Pomme, is kinda soft o, so yes pom....but not like pom-pom (like cheerleading).

    Almost poem, but not quite.... also end is not moo (like cow), more like more.

    phonically, I would say:

    poem da more

    or maybe pomm da more.

    Pomme is hard to explain
  6. ^IA with CEC.LV4eva and bagsnbags.:yes:
  7. Try "pumm dah-moor" ;)
  8. it's pom from pomogranate.. no?
  9. See that first part is hard!!! lol, I wouldn't say pumm, because it certainly doesn't rhyme with bumm.

    Just say Love apple...lol, that's the translation (literal translation: apple of love).

  10. Yes! perfect!
  11. And pomme de terre is a good old potato! (even if I can't pronounce it!):yes:
  12. ooohhh! I love potatoes!!!! lol starchy cheap foods are my weakness! :sweatdrop:

    and as for the pronounciation....well I don't even know if I can "write" it out lol but it's something like this: POM De Tè-[R]

    the accent grave (è) is like.......uhhhhh.......the E in egg lol
  13. Hahaha. That's what I do. Apple Love. LOL!
  14. I was actually going to ask this ? because I didn't want to sound like an idiot when I called the store to see what they had in stock!!

  15. I'm just going to say "I want the NEW red vernis!" :roflmfao: