With a little help ... from TPF ... a reveal

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  1. Thank you :smile: There was a large paraty in terracotta, which is a cool color too, but very intensive, and black python!!
  2. is the color terracota too orangey ,???
  3. no, more red, it´s beautiful.
  4. How was the python leather? I've seen other python bags(not Chloe) that seem to look like plastic.. this is the paraty i'm debating, but the leather is so much more affordable.. i just want to make sure im making the right decision.. thanks for all your help!
  5. love it, congrats:heart:
  6. :drool::drool::drool::nuts::yahoo:
  7. WOW!!:tup::yes::wlae:
  8. I absolutely looove your bag! I may be a little biased though as I have the same one. :P You will enjoy it! Congrats again! :yahoo:
  9. Yay! Another Paraty owner! I'm loving mine!:yahoo:

    I love the colour you've chosen, it is really lovely :heart:
  10. Oh. my. goodness. That is one gorgeous bag!! LOVE the color. I definitely have to find one. Hope you can post modeling pics since I'm still torn on the size. Congrats - it's a keeper! :tup:
  11. Great color!
  12. The Python I saw was tdf!!! it looked very elegant and no way like plastic... they showed me a model I haven´t seen before, it was like the paraty tote, but in a small size with two handles. It was absoloutely beautiful, the shiny python skin and the golden hard ware :heart: I think the paraty in python is the right decision, a very modern style, but a classic you can wear for years (to legitimate the price;)) ... can´t wait for your pictures!
  13. :tup:The Paraty is definately becoming the new IT bag, its tdf. :nuts:

    ShivaDiva, love the reveal photos, kept us on the edge of our seats. Alot of fun. Will have to do too when i get my own new bag, whoever she turns out to be.
  14. Thank you! It was my first reveal and I was really excited, if it would work. I´m pleased you liked it - can´t wait for yours ;)
  15. Thank you all for your nice comments! that´s a good start in the day
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