With a little help ... from TPF ... a reveal

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  1. what a stunning colour! congratulations - you must be well pleased.
  2. Very nice, congratulations, I love the colour and style! It is "old pink", isn't it?
  3. Yes, the colour is old pink, the size small. Compared to the large one it´s small, but the large is really huge.

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  4. Congratulations on your Paraty lovely colour

    I guess I have to disagree with almost everyone re the size I have a Black in the large size and I think it is a great size I looked at the small and thought it was really tiny lovely but too small for me
  5. shivadiva.. it's so gorgeous!! Congrats!! Do you mind posting modeling pics??
  6. Jackie i would love to see some pics of your large paraty, if you don't mind, so we can compare the size difference, Thanks!
  7. I will post some tomorrow:tup:
  8. The colour is absolutly stunning! Congrats on your wonderful new bag:love:
  9. Me too! If I´ll manage to take some fotos of myself :roflmfao:
    And Jackie, I like the large one too! The decision between small and large was really difficult. What I like more about the large paraty is that you can wear it messenger and that you get much more bag for nearly the same price ;) But most of my bags are quite big and the small paraty ist the size I really "needed".
  10. Thank you so much! Your modelling pics infected me with the "paraty-virus" ;)
  11. Thank you so much - I´ll try do some modelling pics tomorrow :smile:
  12. Dankeschön - they still have some very nice paratys at Chloé Munich :graucho:
    (they showed me a black python tote in xs for the evening - tdf! And the large paraty tote in old pink, and ...:girlsigh:
  13. Thank you :smile:
  14. OMG I absolutley love the colours...come on Modelling pics please....
  15. lovely color shivadiva ,am tempted .
    what other colors were there???
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